Surprise on real estate market: It is still strong liquidated even though the high price of project

Real estate market is in short supply, new apartment projects opened for sale all set new prices. It is worth noting that, despite the high price, the liquidity of many projects is still increasing leading the competition to buy a real estate.

According to CBRE Vietnam Company, in the context of strong economic development, middle and upper classes continue to grow along with the demand for higher and higher quality of life. High-class and luxury real estates are gradually becoming a new trend, attracting the attention of the market. Many real estate developers are shifting their investment in this segment.

In Hanoi, if in the past, high-end apartment projects had a common price of 30-40 million dong / m2, the luxury segment of 50-80 million dong, it is not rare for high-end luxury projects up to 50 – 70 million VND / m2 at present. Accompanying this price are the outstanding facilities and advantages of the project on the market today.

It can be mentioned as the Sunshine City Hanoi project located right near West Lake of Sunshine Group. In the context of high-end apartment projects in Hanoi are being evaluated same as each other in terms both of design and area, market is at saturation point and without breakthrough, Sunshine City emerged as a bright spot attracted the attention of numerous investors because of the full convergence of factors of location, green living space, and support from technology 4.0, especially the real value of utilities for resident.

Sunshine City (Hanoi) is at the final construction phase, going to be handed over customers.

Although newly launched in the market for more than a year, Sunshine City is one of the projects with strong growth rates and high liquidity. The apartment price of this project has increased by 10% since the time of launch and according to the investor, the number of customers to buy houses to increase sharply as the project is coming to be handed over, the price of house shall continue to grow from now to the end of year.

Ms. Dinh Huyen Trang (Cau Giay, Hanoi), said in early 2018, after many choices, she decided to buy an apartment in Sunshine City, now her apartment has increased sharply compared to before. If selling now, her return on investment could double the bank interest rate. “With Sunshine City, I will wait until the “golden” time when the project goes into handover because then the outstanding technology value of the project will be officially verified, then I’m sure the price of the apartment will at the highest level”, Ms. Trang stressed.

This is not the only project of Sunshine Group that has made a strong impression on the market, but in Saigon, this investor has also created spectacular breakthroughs with the Sunshine City Saigon project. Although newly launched in early 2019, this project has quickly become a special phenomenon in HCMC real estate market when the number of customers interested in the project exceeded expectations. The situation of many guest ordered same apartment with good looking is happening now.

As known, Sunshine City Saigon is located in Ca Cam River, center of District 7, Sunshine City Saigon is considered as one of the most expensive projects to diverse and modern utility chain, meeting the enjoyment needs of residents. In particular, this is the only project in Ho Chi Minh City that has a walkway in the air – Bridges of towers, international 5-star service and the management and operation system of Sunshine Home (booking car, shopping, repair services, bill payment, …), Sunshine Pay (online payment gateway), Sunshine Cab (booking luxury cars), Sunshine Service (addressing all residents’ inquiries 24/7) …

In addition to the top-notch utilities that make up the success of Sunshine City Hanoi and Sunshine City Saigon, it is also the “spending” for quality and high-class materials of Sunshine Group. It can be seen that not all buildings in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City can cover the entire project by the fashionable Low – E glass, bringing the panorama view, the space is filled with light and full of art for each apartment. Along with Low – E glass, Sunshine Group also cooperates with famous European furniture brands to bring luxurious furniture to create a high quality living space for modern residents.

Sunshine City Saigon – Sunshine Group’s opening project in the South is urgently constructing with an urgent progress.

Commenting on the new current price level of the apartment segment in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Ms. Duong Thuy Dung – Director of Research Department of CBRE said that the main reason is the shortage of supply. The supply of “paralyzed” new apartments in the two major cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in the past is due to the local authorities reviewing legal procedures; a series of projects, real estate developers were barred, inspected to suspend new local authorities and postpone project adjustments.

“However, it must be affirmed, the review at a different angle is good for the market. These projects are all time-consuming and are legally clean projects, home buyers can be completely. Therefore, this is also one of the reasons why many projects become stars right after their debut in the context of lack of supply.”

In the same view as Mrs. Dung, the experts also said that one more reason is that investors are inclined to develop high-class and super-luxury real estate in order to meet the needs of young customers, with high income. Therefore, developers are now positioning higher products. Besides, along with the high price, the current utility of the project is also worthy, which is superior to the previous one, especially the strong application of 4.0 technology applications.