Dear Customers and Partners of Sunshine Group!

On behalf of members of Sunshine Group, I would like to wish you all the best wishes, good health and prosperity.

As a developer following the strategy of a multidisciplinary corporation, in the context of the current volatile economic market, Sunshine Group understands: Only enterprises with breakthrough constructive thinking, bringing real value to customers can survive and develop, adapt and meet the increasingly demanding requirements of the market and society.

Sunshine Group is constantly striving to maximize potentials and resources, making a spectacular breakthrough, becoming the leading multidisciplinary economic group in Vietnam with many fields: Real Estate, Technology, Construction, Education, Trade, Service, Health, Television, ...

For real estate, a key field that the group focuses on, Sunshine Group pioneered the creation of large-scale projects, changing urban appearance in Vietnam. In education, Sunshine Maple Bear has become a leading prestigious brand that gives wings to the children's future. With technology, Sunshine Group creates products that apply the most advanced technology to its smart home projects. Our real estate development goal is to create a "Sunshine ecosystem" with a focus on "e-residents". Or in construction, Group rises to become a reputable construction unit, pioneering in the application of 4.0 technology in the fields of civil construction, industry, infrastructure, especially high-rise building, super-high-rise buildings in Vietnam...

It can be said that, in any field, Sunshine Group also sets great ambition and high determination to achieve the peaks of quality, affirming a solid position in the industry that the business is pursuing.

With a positive motto in innovation, rapid but sustainable development, responsible business, humanity, global integration, and upholding the value of "Truthfulness - Compassion - America", Sunshine Group is always proactive in the market to harmonize interests between businesses and communities. With the enthusiasm and capacity of the business, we always consider Tin as a guideline in every action, we affirm that this is the foundation for Sunshine Group to position its brand in the domestic market as well as conquer national customers.

Customers and Partners will always be the companion of Sunshine on the way to conquer the heights.

Becoming the top Multidisciplinary Economic Group in Vietnam and also prestigious in the international market.


To the product

Optimal quality.

To customers

Devotion in service.

To investors

Profuse earning.

To partners

Reliable companion.

To staff

Solid fulcrum.

To society

Respect the law.

To the community

Share responsibilities.


Reputation Factor: Prestige is the Group's priority as a guideline in our development process.

Human Resources: Human Factor is the focal point and the most valuable property at Sunshine Group. Talent - Teamwork - Exemplary are wise known as the personal qualities of the leaders.

Social Factor: Towards the prosperity of society, human values and quintessence in life, we consider contributions of Sunshine Group to the common good of the community as our own prosperity and sustainable development.