Dear Customers and Partners of Sunshine Group!

On behalf of Sunshine Group, I extend my heartfelt gratitude and wishes for your well-being and prosperity.

As a developer following the strategy of a multi-industry corporation, in the context of the current volatile economic market, Sunshine Group understands that only enterprises with a pioneering mindset capable of creating breakthroughs and bringing real value to customers can survive and develop. These businesses must be adaptable and capable of meeting the increasingly stringent demands of the market and society.

Sunshine Group is constantly striving to maximize potentials and resources, making a spectacular breakthrough, becoming the leading multi-industry economic group in Vietnam with involvement in numerous sectors such as: Real Estate, Finance, Technology, Construction, Education, Trade, Service, Health, Television, ... In real estate, a key field that the group focuses on, Sunshine Group pioneered the creation of large-scale projects that transform the urban landscape of Vietnam. In education, Sunshine Maple Bear has become a leading prestigious brand that nurtures the future of our young citizens. In technology, Sunshine Group creates products that apply the most advanced technology to our smart home projects. Our real estate development goal is to create a "Sunshine ecosystem" with a focus on "e-residents". In construction, Smart Construction Group rises to become a reputable construction group, pioneering in the application of 4.0 technology in the fields of civil construction, industry, infrastructure, especially high-rise buildings in Vietnam

In every sector, Sunshine Group sets great ambition and high determination to achieve the pinnacle of quality, affirming a solid position within the pursued industry. Embracing a philosophy of proactive innovation, sustainable growth, responsible business, humanity, global integration, and upholding the value of "Integrity - Compassion - Excellence", Sunshine Group is always proactive to harmonize interests between businesses and communities. With the enterprise's passion and commitment to the Prestige guiding every action, we affirm that this is the foundation for Sunshine Group to position our brand in both the domestic and international markets.

Customers and Partners will always be the companions alongside Sunshine Group on our journey to conquer new heights.

Becoming the top Multi-industry Economic Group in Vietnam and establish a reputable presence in the international market.


Through our products

Optimal quality.

Towards our customers

Devotion in service.

For investors

Profuse earning.

With partners

Reliable companion.

To our team of employees

Solid foundation.

To society

Upholding the rule of Law

To the community

Sharing responsibilities.


Prestige: Place "Prestige" at the forefront, considering it as the guiding principle throughout our development process.

Human Resources: Put People at the center, viewing the workforce as the most valuable asset. In Sunshine Group, "Valuing talents - Fostering team spirit - Recognizing role models and wisdom as qualities of leaders."

Community Responsibility: Aim for societal prosperity, embracing human values and the essence of life. Sunshine Group regards our contributions to the common good of the community as our own prosperity and sustainable development.