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Chairman’s message

Chairman’s message

Dear our valued Customers, Investors, Partners and Colleagues!

On behalf of members of Sunshine Group, I would like to send to you and your family a good health and prosperity!

As a professional real-estate developer, in the context of the volatile real estate market, Sunshine well understands that only big developers with firming vision will bring real value to customers, adapt and meet the increasingly demanding requirements of the market and society.


With huge advantage of being a local and international automation software developer, we are constantly researching solutions, creating the most advanced technology applications for our smart housing projects. Our ambition is to create a “All in Sunshine – urban system”. Moreover, we deliver to our customers the true value of a smart and dynamic life, in the trend of “internet of thing” rising to dominate the global.


With a vision to honoring the values of “Chân – Thiện – Mỹ”, Sunshine Group’s real estate designs always aim for everlasting beauty and sustainability over time. With the enthusiasm and competence of an investor who always considers “Prestige” as a guideline in every action, we believe and affirm that: every Sunshine project will be an art masterpiece, creating a new face for Vietnamese cities, with spectacular changes and breakthroughs.

The customers and partners will always be the companion with Sunshine Group on the way to conquer the heights.

Sincerely yours,