In recent years, apartments with views overlooking rivers, lakes, seaports, green bays ... have become the trendy choice of the upper class because they bring numerous special values, which cannot be measured in m2.

Apartments with river views have the potential to double their prices

According to the 2019 global report of Knight Frank – a prestigious London-based real estate consultancy firm, the price of houses with river views is nearly 40% higher, even 89% higher than those of houses without river view. The report also ranks the values of views, respectively, bay (59.1%), sea (58.5%), river (36.8%), and lake (32.7%). In Singapore, riverside apartment projects have their prices continuously increased over the past decade. Areas such as Robertson Quay (near the Singapore River), Bishan (near the Kallang River), Hougang (Serangoon River) are areas that any wealthy family on the lion island would like to own; each costs about several million USD.

Explaining the attractiveness of riverside projects, experts analyze that there are two factors determining the price increase. They are the increasing demand and the increasingly scarce land fund. The riverside projects have very good liquidity, the potential for continuous price increases and in the next few years, it is difficult to own a riverside apartment.

Riverside apartments have good liquidity and potential for price increases in the future

In the context of concrete construction and urbanization, a quiet living space near rivers and lakes, which opens up the absolute harmony between people and nature, becomes even more urgent, especially for those who have high positions stressful lives. Therefore, in recent years, the market has witnessed the cash flow of high-class customers, moved from luxury closed apartments in the heart of the city to areas near the river, but still easy to move to the center with convenient transportation.   

Ho Chi Minh City is not out of the movement law of riverside real estate. Fund of land along the Saigon River is mainly in District 2 and District 7, becoming increasingly scarce. Here appear projects of luxury apartment of which advantage is river view, as a magnet for the wealthy customers. Being prominent among the recently built projects, Sunshine Group’s Sunshine Diamond River is interested by its unique architecture, stunning river views, and especially employer’s orientation to create this place into Resort Urban Complex 4.0 with various privileges reserved for successful resident community.

Babylon Tower – architectural masterpiece with a beautiful river view

Babylon Tower is the tower most expected to be marketed. This is a tower converging a lot of factors to bring a true high-class living space, as well as becoming a property with continuously increasing value  in the future at the same time for future for visionary investors.

Babylon Tower of the Sunshine Diamond River project has an impressive and unique design

Right from the design stage, the Babylon tower has been evaluated as an excellent work with its architecture inspired by Hanging Gardens of Babylon, a world wonders, with lush gardens covered with grass, flowers, vines, etc. arranged in stair manner. The project has been honored as  “Vietnam’s most innovative green building project” and “The most interested project in 2019” by Dot Property Vietnam Awards – a prestigious award in the system of the largest real estate awards in Asia Pacific.

The differences between Babylon Tower and other towers are its three valuable views. The tower owns a diamond position, at the widest confluence of the Saigon River and the Dong Nai River, therefore, the river view from the apartments brings a sense of infinity, immense. The second view overlooks the Peninsula Park. This is a multi-functional park with an investment of $ 6 billion, an impressive density of green tree.  Additionally, in the future there will be other high-class 5-star construction work, and one of those is an international shipping port. With the inner view of the tower, residents are able to enjoy dual views every day: the landscape of a thousand meter artificial rivers and the landscape of tropical gardens, meditation gardens, walking paths, etc.

The lush inner-city campus with thousands meter artificial river, one of the three expensive views of Babylon Tower

According to feng shui experts, the beginning factors of life creating a balanced energy source are fully converged at Babylon Tower. The harmonious living space that combines the blue color of the sky, the fresh green color of the water and the plants surrounding the house … not only brings numerous  health benefits but also a source of good fortune and prosperity for homeowners.


Bao Lam