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After Covid-19, Sunshine Group urgently recruited talents
While many real estate businesses cut down the number of staff, Sunshine Group massively recruited hundreds of talents, triggering the largest recruitment campaign ever.
Real Estate
The strong return of the large area apartments
In the past few years, the condominium market in Vietnam recorded the return of large apartments after a long time almost disappeared from the market. The strong return of large-scale apartments reflects the increasing quality of life of residents when they not only choose a place to live but also choose an open, fully functional living space.
A strong wave of investments will return to the market when the epidemic has been put under control. The current time is a good opportunity to buy real estate
Compared to other investment channels such as gold or securities, real estate is still an essential demand closely associated with the majority’s psychology of possession. Despite fluctuations, the demand for accommodation is always available and cannot be lost. After a period of slowing down due to the epidemic, the market will become booming.
Real Estate
Announced the most special tower in the USD 1.2 billion project of Sunshine Group in District 7
In mid-March, Sunshine Group announced the "Babylon" tower to market located within the precinct of 5-star Sunshine Diamond River resort complex in District 7.
Shock from the Corona pandemic: Which direction for the real estate market?
The Corona pandemic broke out and became a threat, affecting all aspects of the social life, of course, the real estate market could not avoid such extreme misfortune. Especially, the resort real estate is under the biggest "shock". In that context, the product line of suburban low-rise villas and high-class apartments with fresh living spaces has become the "salvage" to help the real estate market escape the hardships.
Sunshine Group
“Creator of super application – Sunshine App – Mr. DO ANH TUAN: “Mastering technology, we bring Vietnamese real estate to a great aspirations”
The launch of Sunshine App in the beginning of 2020 is considered as an important milestone of Sunshine Group on the path of pioneering to create new values. In particular, for the real estate market, this is a “breakthrough” when bringing technological solutions, digital finance, directly impact on traditional real estate transactions.
Real Estate
Releasing Sunshine App – when technology dominates technology
Sunshine App launch ceremony in Ho Chi Minh City on January 09, 2020 is considered as an important milestone of Sunshine Group on the way to pioneer in creating new values. “Come rain or shine” Sunshine App, a fintech solution, will affect traditional real estate transaction market directly.
Real Estate
“World – shaking” on first day of 2020: Opportunity to own standard resort apartment for only VND 2,020
Customers may win the opportunity to purchase a 4.0 resort apartment along the Saigon River (Sunshine Diamond River) worth up to VND 3 billion for only VND 2,020 when successfully booking one of the two projects Sunshine Horizon and Sunshine Continental Saigon on the Sunshine Super App.
Real Estate
Flaming warrior spirit at launching ceremony of Sunshine Horizon and Sunshine Continental Projects in Ho Chi Minh City
More than 2000 salesmen with flaming spirit have made incredible success for the launching ceremony of Sunshine Group and Sunshine Continental Projects in Ho Chi Minh City of Sunshine Group on January 3, 2020. It is promising to bring many resounding successes for the Group in 2020.
Real Estate
Discover the house as a stunning resort of the rich
As an inevitable trend, the elite of Vietnam is currently forming the taste of living in the house as “a resort at home”. The privilege of living as a resting paradise not only satisfies the daily needs but also enhances the status of the rich.