Sunshine Maple Bear facilitates an interactive channel for pre-primary students during the Covid 19 epidemic

In the face of the complicated developments of the Covid 19 epidemic, in order to make children not miss the "golden" development stage before entering Grade 1, besides organizing online teaching for students at home through Zoom software and Sunshine App, in the coming time, Sunshine Maple Bear education system continues to open an Online Pre-primary Club to bring an interactive channel for pre-primary students.

Sunshine Maple Bear always accompanies dear students

The preparatory stage for Grade 1 is a very important turning point for children because this is the time for them to switch from playing activities to learning activities mainly where the “work communication” skill will gradually replace “emotional communication”. Therefore, thorough preparation for children is extremely necessary.

Through the interactive channel, children will meet and get acquainted with Vietnamese and foreign teachers.


Usually, to ensure that children have enough time to form the necessary habits and skills, each Pre-primary course usually takes place 3 to 6 months before starting of the first grade. However, in the current context of the outbreak of Covid 19 disease, in order to avoid infection, children are forced to stay at home now, Sunshine Maple Bear has organized an Online Pre-primary Club free of charge as an interactive channel for pre-primary students during the epidemic season. Accordingly, in each lesson, students will interact and exchange online with basic knowledge teachers, English teachers (Vietnamese and foreigners) and gifted teachers.

Children participating in Sunshine Maple Bear’s interactive channel will experience many exciting activities.


The representative of Sunshine Maple Bear Education System said: “With the advantages available from a technology developer and previous experience in developing online learning plans, we are strongly confident that the Online Pre-primary Club with high speed interactive science channel will provide and facilitate children with the necessary skills to enter Grade 1 as well as bring them exciting and meaningful experiences, minimizing boring “death” time when they are absent from school”

After organizing online teaching for students at home, this is the next move to show that Sunshine Maple Bear always tries its best and accompanies dear students to ensure that the learning efficiency is maintained, creating peace of mind for parents as well as strengthening a strong and close connection between family and school.

Interactive channel equips all necessary skills for preschool children

Similarly to online teaching, the Online Pre-primary Club with the interactive channel of Sunshine Maple Bear Educational System is designed with rich and scientific contents through smart technology application software.

Through interactive activities, this club will help them develop their English-Vietnamese language through storytelling. Creative, model-based stories will encourage their ability to develop coherent language and rich imagination.

Furthermore, children will be acquainted with different forms of logical thinking through various types of exercises, from easy to difficult levels, with vivid and eye-catching images, stimulating children’s interest, thereby developing their logical thinking.


Sunshine Maple Bear’s pre-primary interactive channel is scientifically designed, engaging and interesting to facilitate children with useful knowledge and skills before entering Grade 1.


In each interactive lesson, children not only interact with basic knowledge teachers but also have opportunities to communicate with Vietnamese and foreign teachers. These interactive activities also help children form and develop a wide range of important skills including: holding a pen, organizing learning materials, raising questions, communication, listening and persuasion skills, management and time arrangement skills, and give children the opportunity to get acquainted with subjects and fields such as Fine Arts, Music, Physical Exercise, STEM …

In addition to allowing their children to join the Online Pre-primary Club by easy and simple manipulations on computers or smartphones, parents can download Sunshine App of Sunshine Group – “an alternative application to replace any other application” to learn more about the appropriate educational pathway for their children as well as to receive useful videos to support their children’s learning at home.

Interestingly, Sunshine App is developed on both iOS and Android platforms to be adaptable to all types of smart devices, with simple interfaces, extremely convenient and easy to use. Integrated with the School Online e-learning system, this will be a useful tool to help teachers easily organize and manage the classroom with all documents, exercises and marks saved in the same place. It also allows students, parents and teachers to update the classroom situation anywhere just with Internet-connected mobile devices.

It can be said that, in the current complicated epidemic situation, distance learning in general and online teaching in particular is considered an effective solution and an inevitable trend in the future. The number one goal is equipping students with knowledge and skills, ensuring the knowledge base as well as the education quality for students. Supported by modern technology 4.0 from a leading technology real estate corporation in Vietnam – Sunshine Group, Sunshine Maple Bear Pre-school has affirmed its pioneering and breakthrough steps with the “unique” online training system, creating a great competitive advantage in the market, becoming the right choice of many parents.

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