Sunshine City

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Sunshine City, more beautiful than illustration, catches the eye with the fact the apartment is about to be handed over
Sunshine City has been awarded the prestigious award "Best Luxury Housing in Vietnam 2018" by the Dot Property Vietnam Awards Council. The high-class urban area in Nam Thang Long surprised customers when learning the reality that is expected to be handed over in the second quarter of this year.
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It’s hard to believe that buying a luxury apartment in Hanoi for only 360 million
Many people always think that, with 300-400 million they will be difficult to buy a house. However, with that money, employees can not only easily buy a house but also own a luxury apartment in the golden land of Hanoi City thanks to the extremely attractive customer support policy.
Sunshine Group
Sunshine Group congratulates Vietnam on becoming the Champion in a “unique” way.
After making a magnificent winning in the final match of SEA Games 30, Vietnam gains the golden medal for the first time. In the capital city of Hanoi, a series of Sunshine group’s buildings all experience a “sleepless night” with colorful Vietnamese flags as a way of “celebrating on the street vibrantly” for Vietnam’s champion.
Many buildings of Sunshine Group were awash with red nation flag, cheering Vietnam before SEA Games 30 final match
After 10 years of waiting, U22 Vietnam officially named themselves in historical football match: Final match of SEA Games 30. Cheering for the “golden star warriors”, Buildings of Sunshine Group in prime locations of Capital city were awash with by national flag and the word “Come on Vietnam”.
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Lavish apartment of the rich, every small corner is “pretty as a picture”
Arriving at the expensive Sunshine City apartment, the living space of the upper class, people will surely be overwhelmed by a perfect place in every detail which has a splendid, regal and modern beauty.
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Feeling overzealous with European-styled beer festival at Sunshine City
Desiring to bring customers an opportunity to enjoy and experience an European-styled beer festival right in the heart of Hanoi, on October 27, Sunshine Group successfully organized the "Amazing Journey Sunshine Beer Festival" right at the precinct of Sunshine City project (Ciputra urban area, Hanoi).
Enjoy a European-style beer festival in Sunshine City
In the exciting atmosphere of the beer festival named "Amazing Journey Sunshine Beer Festival" which will take place on October 27 at Sunshine City project (Nam Thang Long urban area, Hanoi), customers will not only can enjoy delicious beer but also receive many meaningful gifts.
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Buy a luxury apartment in Hanoi’s “rich house” is only from VND 365 million
Not only spend the “easy” initial capital, Sunshine City apartment buyers are also supported by the investor with interest rates up to 30 months - an unprecedented extended policy on the market.
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Sunshine Homes changes Hanoi City’s appearance with the outstanding new looks thanks to the Lighting Technology
The high-class projects, architectural and art works with meticulous investment in Sunshine Homes' light technology have been contributing significantly to the changes of the appearance of the Capital City, enhancing the culture, prosperity and civilization of the modern Hanoi.
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Smart investment options of Hanoi Real Estate in the second half of 2019
When you own an idle amount of money, you naturally want to invest in something that is profitable. But it must be considered carefully to choose the field to invest.