Warmly admire the glowing buildings throughout the night, encouraging the spirit of Vietnam to join hands against the Covid-19 epidemic

In Covid-19 epidemic, all streets of Hanoi were quiet, images of a series of Sunshine Homes buildings glowing all night, displaying the words of cheering spirit, joining hands with the Government and people to fight against the epidemic has spread positive messages to everyone.

Facing complicated developments of the Covid-19 epidemic, big cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are wearing extraordinary quiet “appearance”, which is different from the inherent bustle. Perhaps we could never see such a tranquility in places dubbed “The city does not sleep all night”.

Trang Tien Street (the section next to the Hanoi Opera House) has always been an important moving point to the Hong Ha dyke area, but now it is deserted, even though only at 22h. (Image source: VOV)


Ngo Quyen Street through the Metropole Hotel is unusually quiet. (Image source: VOV)


At night, in the main streets such as Tay Son, Nguyen Luong Bang, Ton Duc Thang or Xuan Thuy – Cau Giay … which are black spots of traffic jams are now very empty. (Image source: VOV)

In the silence of Hanoi’s streets, the image of high-rise buildings, displaying the national flag or words to encourage anti-epidemic spirit became meaningful. It is known that these are all high-end projects of Sunshine Homes, located in prime locations in Hanoi such as Nhat Tan bridge area, Ciputra urban area or West Hanoi traffic artery Pham Hung, for many days, simultaneously lit up the message “Join hands to prevent Covid-19”, spreading a strong spirit of positive, optimism and resilience in the hard struggle against the Covid epidemic of the Hanoi government and people.

The highlight is the strong, coherent vertical lines … reflected on the surface of luxurious Low-E glass, lighting technology combining indirect and direct from Led Media system is an expensive feature of Sunshine Homes buildings, adding to the architectural value of the building and beautifying the area’s landscape at night.

Clip of a series of Sunshine Homes’ projects “do not sleep”, accompanying the people against Covid-19: