The strong return of the large area apartments

In the past few years, the condominium market in Vietnam recorded the return of large apartments after a long time almost disappeared from the market. The strong return of large-scale apartments reflects the increasing quality of life of residents when they not only choose a place to live but also choose an open, fully functional living space.


These large area apartments receive special attention from customers

The need to expand living space increases

According to the East Asia Renaissance report, the World Bank identified Vietnam as one of five countries in the region with a strong increase in the middle class. As of 2018, the middle class accounts for about 16.3% of Vietnam’s population. This middle-class group desires to seek modern, spacious settlements for multi-generational families.

Mr. Vu Anh Tuan – Business Director of Century Real Estate Joint Stock Company said: For a long time of use, apartments of over 80m2 with 3-bedroom design have revealed many inadequacies due to the small area, it must be divided into many functional rooms, so the living space is limited. Grandparents, parents, children can live happily on the same floor.

Mr. Vu Anh Tuan further analyzed, the large area apartments attract customers because of many advantages from price to use. In fact, although the total price of apartments is high, the unit price per m2 is lower, so buyers are more profitable. In particular, when the land fund in the city is increasingly limited, the supply is increasingly scarce, the rich increasingly prefer high-class apartments with large areas.

Both spaciousness and elegance

Luxurious, cool space in each apartment with an area of 107 – 128m2 at Sunshine Garden is ready to welcome residents to live.

The appeal of luxury projects with large apartments is evidenced by actual consumption. Located at the gateway to the Southeast of Hanoi, adjacent to Park Hill – Times City, Sunshine Garden continues to open the G3 building – the most beautiful building in the project with a series of large apartments to create attraction in the market because meeting the criteria of the rich “the spacious living room – the spacious living”.

The project is ready to welcome residents in the second quarter of 2020 with attractive sales policies such as 0% interest rate support package until August 31, 2020. Besides, customers will receive a discount of up to 10% when selecting payment options early; give Samsung interior package up to VND 250 million and 2 years free of service charge.

At Sunshine Garden, the investor not only focuses on living space in each apartment, but also pays great attention to the landscape and internal facilities when making up 40% of the green landscape, turning this place into “largest ecological urban area” in Hai Ba Trung district area. All bring residents interesting experiences in the fresh air.

Sunshine Garden’s apartments are designed in an elegant European style, spacious and comfortable with full dining room, living room, kitchen, balcony and large windows to welcome natural light. Materials and equipment used in the apartment are selected from leading European brands such as Woodsland, Kohler sanitary equipment … to bring the most luxurious and luxurious living space to homeowners.

Sunshine Garden – Featured with fresh landscape design, class and spacious apartment design


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