Riverside project – A gathering place for business people and successful people

According to CBRE, the luxury real estate segment targeting high-end customers is still leading the market, showing that the demand for a worthy living space has never stopped increasing in value, despite all the up and down movements of the market..

High-income customers prefer luxury riverside apartments

Although the market suffered a long period of depression due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, CBRE’s summary report for the 1st Quarter of 2020 shows that the luxury real estate segment was not affected much. Specifically, luxury projects have stable prices unchanged from the previous quarter.

Also according to CBRE, residential buyers and investors now pay more attention and attention to the factors that make the difference in quality for the project expressed through high-class services, utilities, and healthy living environment, good for health.

The luxury condominium projects along the river is constantly increasing value over time.

As noted at Ho Chi Minh City trading floors, these bright projects are mainly concentrated in District 2 (Thu Thiem peninsula), District 7 (Dao Tri street area) big investors such as Sunshine Group, Son Kim Land, TTC … where still the last land banks are located along the river to develop a living space worthy for successful customers.

The luxury apartment projects in these areas bring together most foreign senior experts, businessmen and celebrities. Not only for high-end customers in Vietnam, the trend of homeownership in developed countries in the region has proved a constant rule: houses located near rivers, seaports, gulfs, lakes … always chosen by the elite, forming successful resident communities, separate from the rest of the city.

We can see this in Hong Kong, famous for the rich neighborhoods such as The Peak, Conduit Road, Deep Water Bay … or in Singapore with the areas of Robertson Quay, Bishan, Hougang. These are places where property prices are skyrocketing and constantly increasing value over time.

Babylon Tower luxury apartment tower conquers wealthy businessmen

According to the analysis of experts, high-income people often buy houses near rivers and lakes to enjoy the clear view, fresh air, low population density while the density for greenery, water surface occupies mostly … to make sure the living space is balanced and helps regenerate energy. In addition, the houses are not for the masses, have a limited number, high value … also help them assert class and status.

One of the riverside luxury projects that is attracting the attention of high-income customers is Sunshine Diamond River of Sunshine Group. The project is inspired by the ancient Hanging Gardens of Babylon in the legend with the exterior design of the buildings, which are luxuriously upscale gardens, greening the living space.

Babylon Tower with its unique architecture inspired by the famous wonder hanging garden

However, the main reason why Sunshine Diamond River ‘occupies’ the entire real estate market in the South is because the project owns a very favorable position: located right on the front of Dao Tri Street (District 7) – is destined list is the “billion-dollar” road beautiful, bringing together the luxurious architecture, the value continuously increases with the month.

This is also the famous riverside road of the city, where the confluence of the Saigon River and the Dong Nai River, opens up the extremely expensive vision. This spectacular view of the river has made Sunshine Diamond River the most searched term in recent times.

The project is invested USD 1.2 billion to create a luxurious living space, with hundreds of 5-star facilities including international school, shopping and entertainment complex, beauty and wellness complex, sports pool, children’s paradise, artificial river in the area, modern central library …

Oasis pool is designed with resort style in Babylon Tower

Although not officially launched, Babylon Tower is currently receiving a lot of attention from high-income customers and professional investors, because of its outstanding value, in location, vision, utilities, services.

A number of high-class facilities are mentioned such as Olympic standard pool designed as a green oasis, Cigar Lounge and Wine Cellar – Wine cellar, providing trendy VIP reception space in the style of the successful businessman.

The formation of the elite residential community in the future is expected to help Sunshine Diamond River and Babylon Tower in particular increase its value, becoming a dream destination for anyone who wants to enjoy a different, upscale life.