After Covid-19, Sunshine Group urgently recruited talents

While many real estate businesses cut down the number of staff, Sunshine Group massively recruited hundreds of talents, triggering the largest recruitment campaign ever.

Quickly recruit hundreds of employees

The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly affected the production and business activities of many companies across the country. After the Covid–19 pandemic, while many businesses had to make employees abundant or shift their employees to work alternately or even close their businesses, Sunshine Group was one of the few companies which here not only did not reduce personnel but also open the door to welcome talented people after the pandemic.

Sunshine Group recently announced plans to recruit 100 more employees including positions: Sales Specialist and Sales Team Leader. This is the most different recruitment campaign ever of Sunshine Group.

After the Covid-19 pandemic, Sunshine Group is expanding the system, recruiting talented people

Due to the growth of Sunshine Group and the boom of online real estate exchanges, recruiting an additional team of online business consultants through Sunshine App is considered an inevitable one. It is known that Sunshine Group, having 30 projects from the North to the South, is expected to provide more than 30,000 real estate products from condominiums, adjacent villas, luxury villas, shophouse, offices, hotel … in the period of 2020-2021. All are in the high-end segment, located in the golden positions of Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and coastal cities and cities at grade 2, which have potentials for tourism development, high speed of urbanization.

Sunshine Group’s representative shared about the recruitment strategy that: The group recruited a large number of employees right after the end of the pandemic to get ready for the plan to distribute more than 30,000 real estate products across the country in the next time. In addition, Sunshine Group expects to contribute to the making up works for business consultants through the Sunshine App and promote the market at the risk of “brain drain” because most of the employees are unemployed. Few people even had to change industry to earn  more income.

The recruitment of large numbers partly shows the potential of Sunshine Group – the leading professional real estate developer in the market today.

Although Sunshine Group boosts recruitment needs after the pandemic, the Group has set many carefully selected criteria, focusing on quality rather than quantity. Personnel, who have experience, market knowledge and proficiency in consulting and sales, will be given priority. Because businesses, with a plentiful amount of products, need a team of “good fighters”, ready to “fight” with the plans, strategies for fast, methodical, sustainable and fast development of Sunshine Group at this time.

Sunshine App – A powerful arm to support business consultants

Business consultants, when joining Sunshine Group, will experience the difference and convenience of sales for the first time with Sunshine App, a tool that helps counselors easily, in detail and specifically for customers.

Sunshine App, launched in early January 2020, is the leading application in online sales trends in the field of real estate. This application integrates two major customer needs including home buying and real estate investment. Sunshine App is one of the effective tools contributing to the remarkable growth of Sunshine Group over the past time. Especially, in the context that the country has implemented the social distancing due to pandemic, Sunshine Group, thanks to its strategic vision and the pre-existing online sales channel, still does well while other real estate businesses meet a lot of difficulties in sales methods. Up to now, Sunshine App has 100,000 users with the number of transactions constantly increasing day by day.

Not until now has Sunshine App become a highlight in the real estate market, this super app has attracted great attention right from its launch. Because this app has advanced features, which not only meet all the needs of investors but also are a powerful arm to support the broker system of the group.

Sunshine App continuously updates the details from investors about projects that not only provide information to investors and customers, but also bring many advantages to the system and help brokers quickly grasp category information. Sunshine App helps agency system and real estate consultants along with Sunshine Group to make transparency, professionalize the process of customer consulting, commission payment issues and effective business management.

Sunshine App, the distributor in real estate transaction in 4.0 era, is the “extended arm” to help business consultants

On Sunshine App, business consultants can create IDs to lock apartment, book apartment automatically on the software system; register for product training courses organized by the investor; register to take visitors to sample apartments automatically … Sales activities of each individual broker are digitized, store history, so that the brokerage fee becomes clear, transparent. In particular, administrative procedures are digitized helping both customers and business staff save time on the go. They do not have to carry out cumbersome procedures, so this app adds motivation to customers to lock transactions quickly.

Sunshine Group, with the motto of putting people at the center, considers the workforce as the most valuable asset, ensures a professional and long-term working environment for business consultants. At the same time, this Group creates opportunities for employees to constantly improve and maximize their capabilities. In particular, the fact that tens of thousands of the Group’s products, which are the market’s most attractive investment value, are ready for the distribution team, and the Sunshine App make Sunshine Group confident that they could break through the market with its staff, ensuring an attractive income for anyone accompanying this prestigious and professional real estate Group.

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