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What is Sunshine Group ambitious about when launching a distinct real estate investment channel in Vietnam?
Information that Sunshine Group launched the first real estate channel (real estate) from only VND 100 million right on the Sunshine App immediately created a fever in the market, attracting a large number of investors to participate. So after an impressive opening, what are the ambitions of Sunshine Group in the near future?
Shock from the Corona pandemic: Which direction for the real estate market?
The Corona pandemic broke out and became a threat, affecting all aspects of the social life, of course, the real estate market could not avoid such extreme misfortune. Especially, the resort real estate is under the biggest "shock". In that context, the product line of suburban low-rise villas and high-class apartments with fresh living spaces has become the "salvage" to help the real estate market escape the hardships.
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Discover the house as a stunning resort of the rich
As an inevitable trend, the elite of Vietnam is currently forming the taste of living in the house as “a resort at home”. The privilege of living as a resting paradise not only satisfies the daily needs but also enhances the status of the rich.
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The era of high-leveled apartment: Big house with large garden in the middle of the sky are hard to believe but they are real
In the time when “an inch of soil is an inch of gold”, having an urban living space that can adapt to the requirement of modernity, convenience but also spacy and relaxing with garden… truly become the wish which does not come true easily.
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“Luxurious life with wide living space” – new trend for the rich who knows how to enjoy life
With the number if the rich in Vietnam is increasing dramatically, the trend of “luxurious life with wide living space” is becoming popular gradually.