Sunshine Maple Bear: Take a range of measures to ensure students return to school safely.

In addition to cleaning, disinfecting, equipping hand sanitizer ... Sunshine Maple Bear Primary School has invested heavily in installing the world's most modern body temperature meter and Face ID system to ensure loved student safety when coming back to school.

In order to implement the directive of Hanoi City, a series of elementary schools, pre-schools in the city will officially welcome students back on May 11. The management of Sunshine Maple Bear Elementary School has been promptly preparing, planning, applying various measures to best welcome students in the context that the pandemic is still at risk.

Invest greatly, equip with the most modern body temperature meter in the world

The Board of Sunshine Maple Bear School, known as the “technology school,” strengthened the prevention measure into the trend 4.0 when students returned to school after a holiday due to the Covid pandemic. The school are ready to spend a large amount of money instaling the contactless body temperature measurement system and the Face ID kit to help manage and check attendance of students.

The Face ID system helps manage and check attendance of students

Contactles body temperature measurement system is the most modern equipment available today. The product performs body temperature measurement by the most advanced infrared ray in the world. It works based on AI technology so it has high accuracy, even, the error is only about 0.3oC. The device can measure an unlimited number of people from a distance of 3-5m. At the same time, the person’s temperature will display right on the screen, helping to control, detect and issue alerts instantly. When any individual has an abnormally high temperature above 37.2 degrees, the device will immediately send an alarm signal to the control department in a timely manner to deal with, isolate and restrict touching.

This non-contact body temperature measuring device helps ensure the safety of students and teachers at the highest level, quickly classifies and prevents students from showing unhealthy symptoms, minimizing the spread as soon as they arrive at school.

“At Sunshine Maple Bear, children can walk into school happily, comfortably and have different experiences because the body temperature measurement system, which is not time-consuming as much as handheld thermometers in many other schools, is exactly, modern and placed right at the door ”- a representative of the school shared.

In addition, the Face ID system – a smart application 4.0, also brings interesting, positive emotions, helping students to “check in” instead of the usual attendance form. When students arrive at school, they just need to look at the system to recognize faces. This can not only restrict strangers from entering the school, but also help check and access data quickly and conveniently in case of need.

Apply synchronous measures to study effectively and prevent pandemic safely

Sunshine Maple Bear Elementary School determines that it must focus on protecting the health of students and teachers. Therefore, the school conducts environmental sanitation, disinfection, cleaning the handrails of stairs, door handles, chairs, classrooms, functional rooms, school supplies … before students return schools.

Safety corridors are designed to ensure safety as soon as students enter the school

The school proactively develops plans and measurements to ensure the safety of students, based on the implementation of the COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control criteria set and the guiding documents, directives of Central, City and Department of Education and Training. In addition, the school also unanimously plans to prevent and fight the pandemic in the entire Education Council of the school, as well as provide sufficient information, make timely plans, recommend and propose measures for COVID-19 prevention and control for parents and students before returning to school.

Specifically, students will be measured body temperature as soon as they arrive at school. During the day, the medical staff measured the temperature twice, saving the results in the health monitoring record. Students are reminded and instructed to wash their hands with antiseptic alcohol by teachers before class.

All steps, including the transportation of students by the school bus to the students’ meals and sleeping hours, must be conducted in accordance with the procedures and requirements set by the Ministry of Education and Training and the Ministry of Health. Buses will be cleaned and disinfected before and after transportation. In the car, the staff will be in charge of checking the sufficient number, making sure the children sit in the right distance position and wear masks

For mealtimes, students will be given shifts, teachers will closely guide and remind them of clean hygiene; Hand washing areas before and after eating are also classified. Students will sleep in class, in individual sleeping bags, under the supervision of a teacher. Common areas will be allocated reasonably to ensure distance and limit crowds during recess and group activities.

In addition, the school has reviewed and ensured the necessary equipment and utensils for the prevention and control of the Covid-19 pandemic, prepared sufficient facilities such as masks, medical gloves, drinking water and utensils, equipment in class such as sinks, disinfectant solution, soap, detergent, floor cleaner … for teachers and students.

Representative of Sunshine Maple Bear Primary School said: “The school has prepared the most modern and necessary facilities to welcome students back to the classroom. In addition, we will actively propagate and educate students to improve their awareness and knowledge to protect themselves. We will also work with parents to ensure the health of children from home to school, and vice versa. In addition, the school will also actively coordinate with the local health sector to promptly handle if any unusual circumstances occur.”

It is known that in addition to the primary school, the Sunshine Maple Bear preschool system has also officially opened to welcome students back to school on May 11. Until now, all the school sites have applied the thorough advisories, methods and requirements in place to be ready to welcome students back.