Discover the house as a stunning resort of the rich

As an inevitable trend, the elite of Vietnam is currently forming the taste of living in the house as “a resort at home”. The privilege of living as a resting paradise not only satisfies the daily needs but also enhances the status of the rich.

The Vietnamese rich and the need to live suitable to their status

According to Wealth-X – The market research company New World Wealth has just released a report on the world’s rich – High Net Worth Handbook 2019 (assets from 1 to under 30 million USD): Accordingly, Vietnam is in the top 10 economies will have the fastest growing rich people in the world in the period of 2018-2023, with 10.1 % per year. Market research company Nielsen also said that Vietnam’s middle and upper classes could reach 44 million by 2020 and increase to 95 million by 2030.

The high-end real estate segment develops to a new level to meet the needs of the upper class

The rapid rise of the rich in Vietnam has opened up a new development for the high-end real estate segment. As an indispensable need, the living space of the rich requires a rise in class. With the rich and super-rich class, the demand for living space combining housing with luxurious resort, helping owners to relieve all stress, pressure becomes even more essential.

Mr. Nguyen Khanh Duy, Savills’s housing business director, said the increase in interest and number of buyers for the high-end real estate segment with selling prices from about $ 5,000 / m2 to $ 10,000 / m2 in the period from the beginning of 2018 to the present, as well as in the near future is very significant. The rich aspire to own apartments with five-star resort amenities according to the “home resort” standard, which not only satisfies daily life but also honors the status of the homeowner. 

Sunshine Golden River: Integrity of “unique living” for the rich

As one of the “darling” products of the Sunshine Group – the investor famous for the high-end real estate segment, Sunshine Golden River is now becoming the focus of the upper class wishing to find a place to live. When finding the reason why Sunshine Golden River attracts such super-rich guests, discovering all the values ​​that this project brings to customers, we see that the Sunshine Golden River becomes “hot” is obvious!

The project is impressed by the vision-optimized design. All more than 200 luxury apartments of the project have sweeping views, catching the sunshine, natural wind, balancing in a modern living space with the resort element of each homeowner.

In each large apartment from 125 – 213m2, the investor spends a large area to make the garden space, where bonsai pots are placed next to the small bushes or green grass often found in the gardens of the ground villa. The highlight of “sky garden” is where the whole family gathers together to play, enjoy cozy BBQ parties after a long tired day, or satisfy the pleasure of growing flowers, trees of the elder, and the playing space for children.

All apartments are equipped with luxurious furniture from famous brands such as Kohler, Duravit, Hafele with noble gold details affirming the upper class of the owner. The investor focuses on using expensive furniture, reflecting the spirit of a traditional villa space while still converging full of exquisite, elegant and luxurious aesthetics.

Converging elite technology 4.0

Not only impressed in the architecture of “sky garden”, high class in interior decoration, Sunshine Golden River pioneered to lead a trend-leading life with smart apartments, bearing the 4.0 mark.


Residents experience a comfortable life in era 4.0 at Sunshine Golden River project 

Many high-tech applications are applied in the life of the Sunshine residents such as: facial recognition technology, voice recognition technology, artificial intelligence applications, smart sensors and software services. Only by a smartphone or through the client’s command, Sunshine Golden River smart apartment can automatically control the appliances in the home such as air conditioners, water heaters, curtains, televisions … Residents also enjoy remote ordering utilities through Sunshine Home with full features such as: calling for technical repair services, electrical repair, television, maid, cleaning, laundry, checking and paying the monthly service bills, updating the notices from the management, purchasing essentials …

Talking to Mr. Pham Huy, a successful businessman in Hanoi, he shared the reasons for choosing Sunshine Golden River as his place of residence: “I believe, with Sunshine Golden River, now, when returning home, we will enjoy life as at the resort to balance the pressures after a long day. Everything I and my loved ones need is on the project site with the highest quality. It really is a place to return as my wish.”

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