The era of high-leveled apartment: Big house with large garden in the middle of the sky are hard to believe but they are real

In the time when “an inch of soil is an inch of gold”, having an urban living space that can adapt to the requirement of modernity, convenience but also spacy and relaxing with garden… truly become the wish which does not come true easily.

The multi-generation model and the inadequacies of housing matter

In Vietnam, multi-generational family trend is traditional beautiful value that has been preserved for long time. According to psychology of East Asian in general and Vietnam in particular, numerous offspring and family gathering will bring more luck and prosperity. Moreover, from real life nowadays, this lifestyle will boost the connectivity and support among family members. Grandparent feel happy beside children, at the same time, can also support their children in taking care of their grandkids…Life of a multi-generational family bring about many beautiful cultural values.

However, the family model of “three great generations in one house” with different ages will inevitably have different needs and living habits. Generation gap also leads to differences in living requirements. Young people need a modern and comfortable space to serve their already stressful and busy life, while the elderly want a spacious and relaxing living space, with garden, trees… Generations living together becomes a difficult problem.

The multi-generational family model is a traditional beauty of Vietnamese people (Image source: Internet)

In big cities like Hanoi with crowded space and overpopulation, apartment buildings are considered the best solution to solve the housing problem. But most of the apartments are now designed with just enough area to meet the minimum living needs which takes advantage of every single small meter to serve life but lacking of trees, gardens … Many families have to accept to scarify the need for a spacious living space because the current apartment projects could not satisfy the need. In case they could, there’s only common gardens, hanging gardens for the whole building.

Obviously, living in cramped apartment buildings and being blocked in 4 walls with the elderly causes great frustration. It even becomes an obsession for grandparent when they have to live with their children in the city, inside the small apartments like a “tiger cage”. Mr. Nguyen Tuan (Entrepreneur, Cau Giay, Hanoi) when sharing about the situation of his family confided that: “My husband and I start a business in the city, so our grandparents also moved here. The two old people, who used to live with a large garden and large houses, now have to live inside this really uncomfortable walls. But to find a place to make the whole family satisfied in the capital is not simple.”


Living in the heart of the city, there is still a home for “Big houses with green gardens”

In Vietnam, the upper class is on the rise. A strong economy entails changes in lifestyle and needs. The rich tend to find houses in the central area but away from the hustle and bustle to be close with nature and spaciousness. In particular, the elite want to own large, modern apartments with garden. The garden is not only a common space for family members to relax, entertain and gather but also help older people feel relaxed and have fun in old age.

Sunshine Golden River project with large apartments and gardens, meeting the needs of upper-class life

On the market now, apartment projects with a garden in each apartment may sound like… something utopian. In this context, Sunshine Golden River emerged as a “rare” project which is sought for because it meets the strict requirements of the upper class families.

The “trump card” of Sunshine Golden River is the separate garden yard in the customer’s high-rise apartment. The apartment system here is designed with the area of 150 – 200m2. Apartment with large area can meet the psychological requirements of Asians of a spacious house with luck for multi-generational families to live together warmly, peacefully, and also to have the necessary private space for each member.

“Sky garden” – an impressive highlight bringing a peaceful living space for residents

In each apartment, the investor spares the area for garden space that can plant bonsai plants next to the small bushes or green grass, which are often seen around the villa on the ground. “Sky garden” is where the family gathers together, where the elderly enjoy more fun every day.

Sunshine Golden River is located in Thang Long South Urban Area (Ciputra), Hanoi with bustle, convenient trade, developed infrastructure, easy access to the central areas of the city. It also shapes a new lifestyle that intersects culture with thousands of international residents. It is especially suitable for young successful people.

The investor of the project, Sunshine Group, has designed an ecosystem of 5-star hotel for its residents including open-air swimming pool, four-season swimming pool and overhead mineral pool, sauna and massage area, gym, multi-national restaurant chain… Sunshine Golden River also offers luxurious and high-class living experiences such as Cigar Lounge, Business Bar and the first sky golf course in Hanoi.

Enjoy the high-class and luxurious life with Sunshine Golden River

Inside the high-rise apartments, the expensive golden interior element is used throughout by Sunshine Group investors to preserve the spirit of a traditional villa space where converging full of fine, luxurious and elegant aesthetics. It is impossible not to mention the investor of the project applying technology 4.0 into the apartment to make people’s lives become smarter and more convenient than ever.

Sharing about his enthusiastic work, the investor’s representative said: “We understand the value of each square meter of land, and even in the context of “an inch of soil is an inch of gold”, we still consider the spiritual values worth more than gold. And sacrificing a large part of the area to design the garden in the apartment to create a gathering space, connecting love in the family is what we want to bring to our residents.”


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