“Luxurious life with wide living space” – new trend for the rich who knows how to enjoy life

With the number if the rich in Vietnam is increasing dramatically, the trend of “luxurious life with wide living space” is becoming popular gradually.

The rapid rise of Vietnam’s affluent class in recent years has fueled shifts in consumer society. New standards are set.

In the housing sector, high-end projects do not merely mean quality utilities and services, but also dramatically change into the experience direction. “Live luxurious, stay wide, do big” is one of the new trends of the rich who know how to enjoy.

New living standards are formed

In the World Bank’s “East Asia Revival” report, Vietnam is considered a strong emerging middle-class country as approximately 1.5 million people join the global middle class each year. This figure is expected to reach 33 million in 2022.

Besides middle class, the super-rich class in Vietnam is also becoming crowded. According to New World Wealth research, number of the super-rich in Vietnam has increased up to 210% in the period of 2007-2017 and is predicted to continuously grow 200% in the next 10 years.

Not solely increasing in number, this class also has the dramatic changes in “quality”. Research points out that the age of Vietnamese’s middle and super-rich class are trending to rejuvenate to around 30-40 years old reign. This class is considered the new step in Vietnam economy, which boosts the development of consuming society with new needs.


The middle and super-rich class of Vietnam is demanding a different unique living space.

Particularly in real estate field, with dynamic and modern characteristics, this group of customers places great emphasis on usability, entertainment, technology and differences. For them, an ideal place of residence is not only full of utilities and services, but also to show and affirm their value and class. It must be a living space with identity and style. This group of customers has made high-end apartment projects to change gradually, creating new sources of goods to satisfy new needs.

Sunshine Golden River – new living standard for the elite class

In these recent years, the majority of high-class and luxurious products in big cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City has formed a separated direction to create differences aiming at experience values. Some outstanding trends that can be named are green construction, smart real estate, resort condo model or applying the architectural quintessence in building projects…

Sunshine Golden River – the collection of apartment with large area and separated garden in West of West Lake (Hanoi).

As one of the few high-class projects entering market at the end of 2019, Sunshine Golden River becomes the phenomenon when most modern housing trends at the moment appear in this project. This project is a rare greenery, a peaceful relaxing place, a modern living space integrated with smart ecosystem right inside Hanoi. With Sunshine Golden river, Sunshine Group investor has written the perfect story about a place for “”Live luxurious, stay wide, do big” aiming at successful business generation.

First of all, Sunshine Golden River is the most luxurious unique living space as it attracts many utilities and the first 5-star service that appeared in Hanoi like sky golf course, built-in swimming pool… In addition, there is a series of utilities and 5-star standard service like four-season pool, book coffee shop, massage area, sauna, gym, yoga, children play station, Japanese, Korean and European restaurant chain, Cigar Bar Lounge, elite Sky Bar on rooftop… The true project is where successful businessperson can enjoy and experience new living values.

Sky golf course in Sunshine Golden River is one of the rare utilities in Hanoi

Not only living luxuriously, more than 200 apartments of Sunshine Golden River are the “wide staying” space with large area from 130-200m2. Noticeably, each apartment owns large garden with area above 24m2. The wide nature world with greenery, lawn, flower…seems to solely appear in garden villa in the ground, now is presenting in the middle of the sky at the luxurious apartment of Sunshine Golden River. The owner can relax in the fresh atmosphere of the garden and set aside all bustle and hustle of a working day.

Sunshine Golden River is also an ideal place for owner to meet the businessperson and partner every day. The project forms a resident community that is the elite class of the society. This living space is a chance for residence to create mutual and interactive network for his/her work. The businessperson can “go big” and deal successful business affairs right at his/her resident place with his/her neighbors.

Clearly, with Sunshine Golden River, Sunshine Group investor not only makes the difference and classic unique but also creates the future living standard. These all helps to form a new life style at Thang Long South Urban Area – where is considered “rich area” of Hanoi.

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