Sunshine Group joins and spreads fundraising for cancer patients

Following the series of Terry Fox fundraising activities in Vietnam initiated by the global Maple Bear Canadian education system, recently, on December 15, 2019 Sunshine Group took part in co-organizing the 2019 community Terry Fox Run Event in Hanoi.

The second consecutive year to join Terry Fox Run

This is one of the annual activities of Sunshine Group in order to partially contribute to spreading love, sharing responsibility with the community, especially with cancer patients suffering many pains and disadvantages in the society.


The 2019 community Terry Fox Run in Hanoi attracts the participation of a large number of metropolitan residents.

Previously, in 2018, as a Diamond Companion for the Run For Hope Event, Sunshine Group attracted the participation of thousands of parents and students from Sunshine Maple Bear preschools and elementary schools, as well as honored guests, supporters and Sunshine Group staff. The proceeds from this fundraising campaign amounted to over one hundred million Vietnam dong.

Terry Fox Run, also known as Run For Hope, is an annual charity running event held to raise money for cancer research. The event was founded in 1981 in Canada and associated with the name of Terry Fox, an athlete who ran through Canada on his 1980 Marathon of Hope to raise money and public awareness of cancer research and treatment. Terry Fox, who was also a patient of this incurable disease, ran with an artificial leg. In this journey, Terry Fox was unable to fulfill his wishes and had to stop when the cancer metastasized to the lungs and he died 9 months later.

Today, the event has been held annually in over 60 countries with millions of participants. In Vietnam, the series of Terry Fox supportive fundraising activities was initiated by the global Maple Bear Canadian education system.


As a companion in the fundraising events for cancer patients, Sunshine Group contributes to sharing responsibility with the social community.

Joining hands with this event, Sunshine Group always keeps in mind that giving away is also taking back, and that just a small good action can make a big happiness. The Group wishes to educate the “Giving back” awareness among generations of students, leading them to a positive healthy lifestyle and contributing to building a solitary and mutually supportive community to share difficulties with disadvantaged people.

Sunshine Group is determined to contribute practical benefits to society

As a multidisciplinary economic group, besides its main operational field of investment – development of real estate projects, one of Sunshine Group’s starting goals is to contribute practical benefits to the society.

This is the second consecutive year Sunshine Group has accompanied Terry Fox Run to raise funds for cancer patients

From pioneering application of Vietnamese 4.0 technology products made by Vietnamese ourselves in each of Sunshine’s apartments to sacrificing thousands of square meters of “golden” land to build schools in its projects; integrating green trees and ecological gardens into houses; and brightening the urban areas …. Sunshine Group proves that it always considers social benefits as centered and accompanied in every development step.


The “outstanding warriors” reached the finish line after a meaningful journey


Therefore, along with a lot of prestigious awards in the field of real estate business, Sunshine Group is determined that contributing to bringing smiles, opportunities and joys to unfortunate lives is the priceless reward that the Group always saves up and respects.


Mr. Antony Nezic – Chairman of Terry Fox Vietnam Foundation thanked for the money donated by the program.

In addition to the key operational field of real estate investment and business for economic development purposes, Sunshine Group pays special attention to developing education for children of Sunshine residents in particular and the society in general, aiming to provide a high quality and modern training environment that gathers the international elite from Sunshine Maple Bear brand. At the same time, Sunshine Group regularly participates in volunteer activities, joins hands with the community and contributing practical benefits to the society.

Continuing cooperation with Terry Fox Run is one of the further community-oriented evidences of Sunshine Group’s in 2019, affirming Sunshine Group’s culture and social responsibility.


It is known that Sunshine Group is a reputable high-tech real estate corporation in both Vietnam and international markets. Recently, this Group won the award of “Best Innovation and Technology Southeast Asia 2019” in the Dot Property South Asia Awards 2019 held in Bangkok.


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