Secret for wise parents in the journey of educating their children

Family is the first education environment of every human being. Especially, with children under ten years old, family education plays the most important role, a solid foundation for children’s entering their future lives. However, in this modern life, it may be the most difficult things for parents to become wise parents

Journey of educating children from the early years of children’s lives

In early years of children’s lives, parents’ education orientation plays an important role in shaping and developing children’s personality. Unlike school education, which is based on the responsibilities and obligations of students, family education is based on mutual affection and trust among parents and children. Therefore, it is easier for children to receive effects from their parents.

Education at the early years of children’s lives is a solid foundation for their development. 

It is necessary for parents to care for their children both physically and mentally, especially give them an orientation to help them develop comprehensively. It is impossible for children to develop their abilities without being oriented. On the other hand, if parents orient their children subjectively, according to their expectations and preferences, their children may feel stressed. Therefore, in order to making best development conditions for children, orientation should be based on their practical abilities and desires


However, it is not a simple journey; each child is a completely different individual and there is no common formula in educating children. Furthermore, sometimes the generation gap makes parents fail to understand feelings and desires of their children, apply unsuitable education methods, which makes their children more and more disobedient, evenly some protest against the imposition of their parents.

In fact, more and more parents feel “helpless” because they cannot find a common voice in the method of educating their children.

Learn how to become “wise parents”

Understanding the feelings of the parents, Sunshine Maple Bear bilingual education system is holding a seminar named “Being  wise parents” with the with the presence of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thanh Nam – Dean of Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Education, Vietnam National University, Hanoi on  October 5, 2019.

Được biết, PGS.TS Trần Thành Nam đã nhận bằng Tiến sĩ, chuyên ngành Tâm lý học lâm sàng tại Trường Đại học Tổng hợp Vanderbilt (Hoa Kỳ). Đồng thời là chuyên gia có nhiều công trình nghiên cứu về lĩnh vực tâm lý được công bố tại Việt Nam và quốc tế.

It is known that, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thanh Nam has been granted a Doctor of philosophy – Clinical Psychology by Vanderbilt University (USA). He is also an experienced specialist with numerous researches on psychology published in Vietnam and internationally.


Assoc.Prof. Dr. Tran Thanh Nam is also known as a speaker who is active at contributing ideas and social criticism in the field of education and mental health care for children and the community.


Attending the seminar, parents will have an opportunity to discuss and talk with Mr. Nam about the experiences in educating children. The topic of the seminar will help parents answer various big questions such as: how parents educate their children, why children protests against to their parents’ wishes, and what children want from their parent… Through this, parents will have the opportunity to understand and get closer to their children, and at the know how to accompany and manage their children’s behavior in a positive way as well.

Attending the seminar, children who join with their parents will have opportunities to experience the creative corner and STEAM space at Sunshine Maple Bear Kindergarten. Exciting games and skill lessons promise to be a beautiful memory for children and parents. Especially, at the seminar, when registering to study at Sunshine Maple Bear, parents will have opportunities to immediately receive attractive scholarships with up to 35% tuition discount for all programs at one of the leading bilingual school systems in Hanoi.

Seminar “Being wise parents”

Time: 8:30 – 11:30, Saturday, October 5, 2019

Location: Sunshine Maple Bear Kindergarten, Sunshine Riverside, Phu Thuong, Tay Ho, Hanoi

Hotline: 090 254 6655

Register to attend here: Register Link