Sunshine Maple Bear opened campus 2 – expanding the system on Vietnam’s education map

Opening Day - Opening the Sunshine Maple Bear Kindergarten at Sunshine Riverside Building (Phu Thuong, Tay Ho Tay) on September 20 was an important milestone, marking the 2 years of establishment as well as the expansion of Sunshine School system on Vietnam education map.

Sunshine Maple Bear Kindergarten at Sunshine Riverside Building is the second 5-star kindergarten of Sunshine Group, showing the strong development of the Sunshine Maple Bear high-class school system as well as the efforts of Sunshine Group’s investor aims to provide “Sunshine children” to an international standard educational environment.

Earlier, on September 20, 2017, Sunshine Group signed an agreement with Maple Bear Canada to implement an international-standard education system to conduct the desired mission – Bring the quintessence of world education to Vietnamese children so that they can develop comprehensively both physically and mentally in a safe and loving environment.

In July 2018, Sunshine Group officially entered the education sector by the opening ceremony of the first facility at Sunshine Palace building (Hoang Mai district). Subsequently, the Sunshine School education system was completed and put into operation Sunshine Maple Bear Primary School at Sunshine Riverside Project – this is the first Maple Bear Primary School in Vietnam.

And the September 20, 2019 is the full two-year period officially marking the birth of Sunshine Maple Bear Educational System. Attending the ceremony were the representatives of Sunshine Group’s leaders, guests and numerous preschool children, parents inside and outside the Sunshine Riverside project.

Delegates, distinguished guests and Sunshine Group’s Board of Directors cut the ribbon to inaugurate the Sunshine Maple Bear Kindergarten School at  Riverside campus.

Speaking at the ceremony, on behalf of the investor, Mrs. Tran Nhu Loan, Deputy General Director in charge of education of Sunshine Group, said: “Sunshine Maple Bear education system not only creates an educational space with top modern facilities for children but also create opportunities for children to experience their full potential, focus on personal development in fun and happiness. Because we realize that in order for children to develop well, building a learning space is extremely important because what they see is not only memorizing but also becoming part of the soul and childhood memories”.

Mrs. Loan also emphasized: “Children make up adults. They are hope and promise, the key to opening the door of our future destiny. It takes a lot of delicacy and sophistication when caring for the soul of a child aged 1 to 6 and Sunshine Maple Bear’s teachers are always ready to carry out this mission. ”

Mrs. Tran Nhu Loan, Deputy General Director in charge of Sunshine Group’s education, spoke at the ceremony.

Also according to Mrs. Loan, with all her heart, the multidisciplinary economic group (in which the key field is real estate) Sunshine Group has been dedicating a large area for school facilities, developing a multi-level school system located in the project campus with the aim to provide residents and neighborhoods with a reliable place to send their children. International-class school project will be built at Sunshine Wonder Villas project (Phu Thuong, Tay Ho) ; Kindergartens within the grounds of Sunshine Garden and Sunshine Center projects are also being urgently completed and opened and the last months of 2019. Besides, with the development of real estate projects in the South and the Central, the school system is also being expanded and developed on a large scale, moving to nationwide coverage with firm steps.

Attending the opening day of Sunshine Maple Bear Riverside preschool, the guests witnessed the solemn ribbon-cutting ceremony as a meaningful opening step for a new home, giving good beginnings and perfect for kids.

In particular, there are many useful experience activities for children such as: decorating animals, finding objects, helping birds build their nests, coming back to the right house, chasing, passing, playing with umbrellas, … Besides, as the main character of the ceremony, the children also participated in experiencing English music and fine arts activities … with extremely interesting experts and teachers.

Sunshine Maple Bear Riverside campus “sows” happiness for children with exciting experience activities

It is known that on the Opening Day, parents who register their children for admission procedures have been given many attractive and valuable gifts such as: 25% discount of tuition for all programs during the time studying at school. Extra 5% discount on tuition fee payment for the whole year. Donate 50% of facilities fee, picnic event for the school year 2019-2020 worth VND 3,000,000. Extra discount of shuttle bus service for the school year 2019 – 2020.

According to the Organizing Committee, the Opening Day takes place with the desire to create a playground for children, providing an enjoyable time to experience learning and playing at the beautiful and spacious school Sunshine Maple Bear. This is also an opportunity for parents to experience world-class educational environment before making the right decision about where to study for their children in the early stages of life.

Some photos at the opening ceremony of Sunshine Maple Bear Kindergarten at Sunshine Riverside campus:

Excited children join their parents at the Sunshine Maple Bear Kindergarten Opening Ceremony at Sunshine Riverside


The lion dance is very exciting to warm up the stage, opening the school festival of Sunshine Maple Bear.


Children can participate in many useful experience activities such as decorating animals, finding objects, helping birds build nests, returning the right house, chasing, passing, etc.


English experience corner is arranged extremely vividly


The corner of science, music and art makes children love it 


First-hand experience of many outstanding advantages, many parents have enrolled for their children on the opening day of July 22.

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