Sunshine Diamond River

Riverside project – A gathering place for business people and successful people
According to CBRE, the luxury real estate segment targeting high-end customers is still leading the market, showing that the demand for a worthy living space has never stopped increasing in value, despite all the up and down movements of the market..
In recent years, apartments with views overlooking rivers, lakes, seaports, green bays ... have become the trendy choice of the upper class because they bring numerous special values, which cannot be measured in m2.
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What is Sunshine Group ambitious about when launching a distinct real estate investment channel in Vietnam?
Information that Sunshine Group launched the first real estate channel (real estate) from only VND 100 million right on the Sunshine App immediately created a fever in the market, attracting a large number of investors to participate. So after an impressive opening, what are the ambitions of Sunshine Group in the near future?
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“Green life, classy life” in special Babylon tower in Sunshine Group’s USD 1,2 billion project
Recently, Sunshine Group has just launched two unique "Babylon" towers with luxurious gardens and a series of high-class utilities to the market serving the needs of "green life, high-class life" of the rich in the city.
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Announced the most special tower in the USD 1.2 billion project of Sunshine Group in District 7
In mid-March, Sunshine Group announced the "Babylon" tower to market located within the precinct of 5-star Sunshine Diamond River resort complex in District 7.
Shock from the Corona pandemic: Which direction for the real estate market?
The Corona pandemic broke out and became a threat, affecting all aspects of the social life, of course, the real estate market could not avoid such extreme misfortune. Especially, the resort real estate is under the biggest "shock". In that context, the product line of suburban low-rise villas and high-class apartments with fresh living spaces has become the "salvage" to help the real estate market escape the hardships.
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Releasing Sunshine App – when technology dominates technology
Sunshine App launch ceremony in Ho Chi Minh City on January 09, 2020 is considered as an important milestone of Sunshine Group on the way to pioneer in creating new values. “Come rain or shine” Sunshine App, a fintech solution, will affect traditional real estate transaction market directly.
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“World – shaking” on first day of 2020: Opportunity to own standard resort apartment for only VND 2,020
Customers may win the opportunity to purchase a 4.0 resort apartment along the Saigon River (Sunshine Diamond River) worth up to VND 3 billion for only VND 2,020 when successfully booking one of the two projects Sunshine Horizon and Sunshine Continental Saigon on the Sunshine Super App.
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Projects with the investment of trillions Vietnamese dong in utility development in Saigon South area
Many high-end projects in the South are invested by the investors with thousands of billion Vietnamese dong to develop the landscape and utilities.
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Review the projects that make a name for Sunshine Homes in Hanoi
Meeting strict requirements for quality, sophisticated architectural design as well as state-of-the-art facilities, not only are Sunshine Homes real estate products opted for by customers and investors but it is also one of the most trusted brands in Asia.