Sunshine City Saigon: Journey to create a high standard of living

When technology is applied to the end, when the needs of the customers are listened to and understood, that is the time when the high standard of living is created! And this is what Sunshine Homes is proving to Saigon people with Sunshine City Saigon!

The upper class is becoming a word so used so much that it becomes cliché. However, this will certainly change with the Sunshine City Saigon project (District 7, HCMC). Bringing to the people of the city a whole new option, exactly to meet the needs that the people of Saigon in the new period are expecting, Sunshine City Saigon is once again bringing the meaning of the upper class to back to its original origin. This promises to be the home, the destination of the Saigon people who are famous for being generous, always “working is working, playing  is playing.”

Upstream standard of living must be synonymous with convenience

When it comes to the upstream standard of living, there is probably nothing better than the quote from the designer that every Saigon lady loves: “Luxury must be convenient, comfortable, otherwise it is no longer a luxury.” This is also what inspired the real estate development team of Sunshine Homes. Of course, it is impossible not to mention the other great inspiration is the dynamic and colorful life of Saigon people.


Sunshine City Saigon gives residents of Ho Chi Minh City a new, modern standard of living updateing with trends of global citizens.


Through a lot of research, even though it is the first project in the southern land, Sunshine City Saigon has discovered that Saigon people have special needs for an enjoyable living environment, lots of trees, lots of water surface. Also because of the sunny year-round weather, the temperature is never too low, so Saigon people like to relax every week to recreate their health and spirit. What many Saigon people want now is to be able to have a resort life in their own home instead of having to plan to “escape” to find a resort on Friday afternoon and return on Sunday night. in a tired state, does not regenerate enough energy.

If their homes have enough internal facilities and services as a resort, they will focus only on long vacations. The remaining time, they will spend for their own lives.

It is also undeniable that many successful Saigon people are those who have lived and worked abroad for a long time. Or at least they were introduced to this life and felt this was the life they really expected. The concept of “one step to everything” is interpreted by Sunshine City Saigon as a model of a closed population, full of utilities and with the support of technology, ensuring to bring the future residents of the project a smart living life, standards of developed countries in the world.

Discover the upstream standard of living of Sunshine City Saigon

Sunshine City Saigon is truly a secluded world in a vibrant city, so call it “the core of power” when owning a special geographic location, convenient transportation connections to the city center and the airport as well as neighboring provinces.

Especially, at the golden position that the project is developing, Sunshine City Saigon inherits all the diverse and available facilities of the area such as hospitals, leading international schools, high-class play and entertainment areas serving an upstream life that everyone is aiming for.

At Sunshine City Saigon, there is never a shortage of green spaces or water surfaces so that all residents here can experience a different and authentic life.

Large water surface with a total area of ​​up to 12,000 m2 creates an expensive plus point for the project. But that’s just the surface that people outside see. For the future residents of Sunshine City Saigon, this will be a green space between the sky – where you and your children can read books together. In the attic, each apartment is the water surface, designed as a resort with a full of cloudy swimming pools, green spaces and sunbathing space that you can see somewhere in Yacht magazine!

 Green interior – part of a model of a closed, full of utilities, “one step to everything” at Sunshine City Saigon.


In a way, Sunshine City Saigon is probably like a park with living spaces. You will find many green spaces here and the creative combination of these green spaces with living space.

It can be an outdoor pool, an indoor pool, a park and an aerial walkway linking buildings, a top-notch music complex, a garden & walking system, a children’s playground system. indoors and outdoors, versatile utility system. And finally, the Commercial shopping service system – which brings together luxury brands in the world – is designed with green spaces and a smart and sustainable architectural thinking.

It is also impossible not to mention the privacy, isolation and safety for homeowners of residents in Sunshine City Saigon. Currently, Sunshine City Saigon is deploying a multi-layer security system from the project entrance gate to the building reception. In particular, the project also developed a high-tech security camera system, allowing elevators to recognize faces and destinations. It is the multi-layer security platform, each security layer is integrated with modern technology, detects strangers breaking into apartments, helping to improve the safety for homeowners that is bringing Sunshine Group Saigon of Sunshine Group worthy reach the top high-end real estate projects in high-class cities like Hong Kong.


In a way, Sunshine City Saigon is probably like a park with green living spaces.

It can be said that the high standard of living is not just a cliché advertisement. Actually, it is the enthusiasm, pursuit of the investor. With the strength of owning a team of high-class experts with the member units of highly-specialized corporations such as Sunshine Tech, Sunshine Service, Sunshine Design, Sunshine City Saigon – the “darling” of Sunshine Group – promises to create a truly high standard of living for future residents.