Sunshine City, more beautiful than illustration, catches the eye with the fact the apartment is about to be handed over

Sunshine City has been awarded the prestigious award "Best Luxury Housing in Vietnam 2018" by the Dot Property Vietnam Awards Council. The high-class urban area in Nam Thang Long surprised customers when learning the reality that is expected to be handed over in the second quarter of this year.

Each detail is designed carefully

Apartment design is modern, optimal in use. Every detail in the apartment is meticulously cared to bring customers the most convenient and comfortable.

The entire floor from the living room, bathroom is paved with high-grade Porcelain of Overland brand, which has high anti-bending strength. With manufacture technology from Europe, the tiles are luminously enameled and clear grain pattern. Anti-slip tiles make homeowners easy to clean and safe for older people and children.

The walls inside and outside the apartment are painted with 3 layers that are resistant to UV rays, mold and moisture, and have high service life. Especially in the hot and humid weather of the North, the investor used a moisture-proof paint to prevent mold and moisture, preventing the penetration of water from outside into the paint film, formation of cracks and water penetration from the outside.

The living room is equipped with Low-E glass to create a luxurious and modern feeling.

Rough walls are limited to use to create large planes that connect every space in the apartment. The living room and bedroom window frames are covered with advanced Low-E glass to eliminate all noise and expand the view into fresh nature. In particular, this high-class glass also has the ability to insulate, anti-ultraviolet rays while still absorbing the maximum amount of natural light. The living room is also designed in a minimalist style, decorated with carpets, wall paintings to help show the elegance and sophistication that have been popular in recent years.

Modern and airy bedroom

Just like the living room, most bedrooms in Sunshine City apartments also use Low-E glass system to maximize the use of natural light and provide a great experience for “Sunshine residents”.  This is one of the most precious places to make up the most livable urban area in Nam Thang Long.

The kitchen area is simple but fully equipped.

The kitchen is simple but fully equipped to meet all cooking needs. The design of an open space close to the logia door is the optimal solution to release food odors.

The bathroom with gilded appliances adds a luxurious touch to the apartment

Luxurious toilets thanks to the wall shelf system, mirrors, cabinets, bathtubs and separated shower partition to prevent water splashing. Sanitary ware is imported from famous brands such as Kohler, inlaid with gold in every line from sinks, washbasins, hot and cold showers, bathtubs to towel bars, hangers, spray hoses, etc. to contribute to creating an luxurious living space.

Smart Homes, confirming the high class

Sunshine City apartments not only impress customers in the design of smart, luxurious apartments, gilded interior, but also attract customers by the classy model combining between Smart Home and the Smart Living ecosystem.

The modern 4.0 technology equipment in each apartment will bring to the residents a pleasant experience. Typically, digital magnetic door locks have a modern design and four optional features, which are using fingerprints, passwords, magnetic cards and mechanical keys. Door phone system (video bell) connected to the door mounted camera. The camera uses infrared light, so it can recognize faces even in low light conditions and can save images to a memory card.

In Sunshine City, homeowners can equip with device control technology in the apartment by voice integrated on the phone app. Wherever you are, homeowners can turn on, turn off, schedule lights, air conditioners, water heaters, curtains, televisions, sound systems, ventilation fans, security cameras, etc. Infrared devices such as stoves, microwaves, electric fans, and washing machines will receive orders via the infrared controller.

Most importantly, Sunshine City residents also enjoy the Smart living ecosystem such as: smart elevators, security turnstiles, smart parking spaces that allow automatic Check in, directions to the parking lot by Bluetooth technology, detecting vacancy by camera, displaying license plates at each parking lot …

Currently, customers only need to pay 10% to sign a sales contract so that they can own a smart apartment right at the most livable project in the West of West Lake. The investor also launches a policy of 0% interest rate support until the end of August 2020 and gives Samsung furniture packages worth up to VND 500 million. Especially, when ordering apartments through Sunshine App, customers will receive a Samsung smartphone worth VND 25 million.

Sunshine City, Nam Thang Long Urban Area, West Lake, Hanoi.

Hotline: 1800 6559