Explaining the attraction of the launching event of Sunshine Homes real estate resort

The careful and professional investment and preparation from the majestic stages combined with the participation of many celebrities have made up of the success and great spreading of the launching event of Sunshine Homes real estate resort of Sunshine Group.

Large scale organization venue

To mark up the groundbreaking event of Sunshine Homes – the prestigious home development brand of Sunshine Group – officially entering the resort sector, Sunshine Group’s investors have chosen luxurious and high-class event venues on October 31 in Hanoi and on November 02 in Ho Chi Minh City.



The large scale event is organized in Lotte Hanoi


After Hanoi, the launching event continues to be organized in Ho Chi Minh City at Gem Center (District 1)

Extreme and careful stage

Audiences in Hanoi City and Ho Chi Minh City experienced explosive moments with super-large Led screen system, extremely unique and impressive stage effects showing the enthusiasm for investment and creativity in the organization process to bring new experiences to attendees.

In addition to the extreme stage, all art performances inspired by water and light are elaborately arranged, pushing the viewers’ emotions to the extreme. Through the unique art performances, the outstanding spirit of the Sunshine Homes resort real estate projects has been fully shown. It is the delicate combination of life colors, sublimation of architectural art, technology and utilities – the highest level of service unprecedented in Vietnam.

High-class stage design creating a top spiritual party combining with light, music and art.

Art performances are carefully and emotionally invested (The dance “The interference of Light and water symphony” – a combination of two elements of water and light, representing two resort sectors of seaside resorts and inner city).


The series of events has impressed the viewers with many unique and different memories


The check-in area creates the strong impression with the attendants by the exquisite and artistic decoration.


Face ID technology is located in the lobby for guests to experience modern applications at the Sunshine Homes resort.


The beautiful and carefully-prepared publications are honored by the Organizing Committee to transfer in hand to each guest to diversify information about the outstanding value of Sunshine Homes resort line.

The gathering event of Vietnamese famous and leading celebrities

In addition to the careful preparation of the stage, the appearances of A-class celebrities such as MC Nguyen Khang, the runner-up Hoang Oanh, singer Dong Nhi, singer Noo Phuoc Thinh or MTV music band, … with a powerful voice presenting hits contributed to make the night of Sunshine Group’s resort launching event become more memorable.


The presence of two top favorite singers (Dong Nhi and Noo Phuoc Thinh) made the audience extremely excited.


Noo Phuoc Thinh was deeply passionate into his performance


The introduction of the charming MCs such as Thuy Van, Nguyen Khang and Hoang Oanh in 2 nights of launching has brought viewers many levels of emotions.

Launching super high-end projects

The most important factor in the success of Sunshine Group’s event chain is the attraction from the pioneering and differentiating features of Sunshine Homes’ collection of resort projects.


Sunshine Marina product line is located in famous tourist cities of Vietnam and brings together leisure and entertainment activities on the basis of modern and advanced 40 technology, giving visitors the lasting 5-star standard experience.



Sunshine Premier – the inner-city resort line with a focus on 5-star hotel rooms, Grade A office systems and a range of unprecedented 4.0-scale resort services and amenities such as indoor ski play course, runway catwalk high-end runway, the most epic trade center in Vietnam ..

Especially, the event is also the opportunity to “launch” two super products representing for the newly launched resort product line: Sunshine Marina Nha Trang Bay in Nha Trang Paradise Bay and Sunshine Empire located in Nam Thang Long International Urban Area in Hanoi.

According to Ms. Duong Thi Mai Hoa – CEO of Sunshine Homes, these two super products are a great combination of pioneering and creative ideas in Sunshine Group’s product development with aesthetic thinking and experience in designs of architects from AMA Group, a well-known European corporation with over 40 years of experience in landscape planning, architectural design and construction consultancy…

In addition, with the advantages of Sunshine Group, a professional software developer, representative of Sunshien Homes emphasized that; “We also thoroughly put 4.0 technology to serve the people, pioneering in the market to give customers new and fashionable experiences”

Sunshine Homes resort line converge the prevailing technology at many world-class hotels (Technology presentation photo at the launching event)

Impressive moment: Sunshine Group’s resort real estate product line is officially launched


Sunshine Marina Nha Trang Bay (the first project of the Sunshine Marina line) is developed under Integrated Resort – a famous model in the world.


Sunshine Empire (the opening project of the Sunshine Premier line) provides private, specialized working space and satisfies high-end facilities as in 5-star hotels as well as becomes the close and immersed work in nature. .