Sunshine Marina Nha Trang

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Let’s come Nha Trang’s miniature paradise now to see how luxurious is a class A celebrity’s vacation
Perhaps everyone has ever wished to experience life as A-class stars, enjoying expensive, and classy vacations.
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The attraction of the project on the most beautiful route of Nha Trang beach city
Tran Phu Street, known as the most beautiful road in Nha Trang, locats near Nha Trang beach and seems to never sleep. Eventful living tempo here becomes nosier when an internationally high rank super resort project is going to appear with 1001 integrated utilities of Integrated Resort in the near future.
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Besides Phu Quoc, what is the new hot spot for resort investment in Vietnam?
Being blessed with the most beautiful beaches on the planet, Nha Trang with its planning policy is gradually occupying the "throne", becoming a hot spot for resort investment in Vietnam.
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Explaining the attraction of the launching event of Sunshine Homes real estate resort
The careful and professional investment and preparation from the majestic stages combined with the participation of many celebrities have made up of the success and great spreading of the launching event of Sunshine Homes real estate resort of Sunshine Group.
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Sunshine Group is about to officially launch the 2 product lines of luxury resort real estate
With the aim to “create trendy lifestyle”, conquer the elite group of Vietnam, in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Sunshine Homes will officially launch duo product lines of luxury technology resort: Sunshine Marina - Multi-experience complex resort and Sunshine Premier - Inner-city resort.
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The animation of the Launching ceremony of Sunshine Marina Nha Trang Bay Project.
1000 sales specialists, 13 agents and hundreds of guests and partners attended the launching ceremony, which shows intense attraction and the overwhelming spread of the Sunshine Marina Nha Trang Bay Project when being officially launched into the market.
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Decoding the attraction of Sunshine Marina Nha Trang Bay
Beyond all imagination and expectation, “mystery” of Sunshine Marina Nha Trang Bay is gradually being revealed. The extraordinary value of the project is constantly leading the market from such surprise to other surprises ...
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Vietnam is about to have a new international resort model for the first time
According to experts, among the few new products that will appear in the Vietnam tourism-resort real estate market in 2018, Integrated Resort is the latest model, first established in Vietnam by Sunshine Group, a Group has been very successful in the residential real estate segment.
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What should Nha Trang do to complete its ambition to become the second Singapore in Vietnam?
Converging all the enviable privileges from nature, Nha Trang is really in need of a boost to realize its ambition to become the second Singapore in Vietnam or even better than Hawaii in the future.
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Nha Trang real estate is still waiting for an iconic building
Picturesque landscapes, world-class utilities and services, potential development is not inferior to any destination in the region ... However, is Nha Trang still waiting for an important push to reach out the world?