Discovering most impressive parking lot in Vietnam, many functions first appear

Whoever says car parking is boring and tedious has certainly not experienced the extremely interesting smart parking application of Sunshine Group. This is one of the new features in the Sunshine App super app recently launched by Sunshine Group, a leading real estate group in Vietnam.


Each parking space has a small LED sign that displays such information as the license plate number of the booking car and the parking status. In front of each parking space is a camera to recognize license plates.

Conventional parking lots usually waste us a lot of time and sometimes make us feel tired in checking-in, checking-out as well as finding a vacant parking space. Moreover, it’s also extremely inconvenient to find the position of our car in a large parking lot.

At Sunshine Group’s projects, with the aim of widely and comprehensively applying 4.0 technologies, the parking system is seriously and methodically constructed by the Investor by applying the most intelligent and modern technologies in management and operation in order to optimize residents’ “experiences” rather than simply a car parking.

AI Camera system automatically recognizes license plates and types of vehicles

One of the outstanding features is “space reservation”. Before returning home, residents can check how many spaces are available in the parking lot, along with a map of vacant spaces. Residents can make reservation for parking spaces within a given time limit. When any other vehicle enters this reserved parking space, the local parking sign system will immediately give a warning signal and the reservationist will also receive an alert from the App.


The map of the parking lot indicating vacant parking spaces on the App enables residents easily to make booking.

When the car arrives at Sunshine’s apartment buildings, the smart license plate recognition technology will facilitate automatic check-in, allowing residents to come in and out of the parking lot conveniently and quickly while still ensuring the security and avoiding traffic jam during peak hours.

After the check-in process is completed, the smart app on the phone, combined with LED signs and smart Bluetooth technology that are arranged throughout the parking lot will take on the role of navigation to help the vehicle drivers easily access to the specified position.

The red circle displayed on the map helps you to locate where you are in the parking lot. Furthermore, the “positioning” function makes it easier to find the car.

In addition, right at the parking space, there exists an LED sign displaying the parking status and the license plate number of the car that is being parked there.

Especially, by integrating intelligent data technology, the parking lots will be linked together. As a Sunshine Group resident, you can access the App to reserve a parking space at any of Sunshine Group buildings where you visit. This intelligent function helps residents to experience parking as if they were in their own apartment building.


The process of parking reservation is extremely convenient and simple for guests to the projects of Sunshine Group.

Không chỉ cư dân của Sunshine Group mới trải nghiệm các tính năng ưu việt trên, đối với một khách đến gửi xe tại bãi đỗ xe tại các tòa nhà của Tập đoàn Sunshine, việc đậu xe cũng như tìm xe cũng được hỗ trợ tối đa giúp khách hàng không cần phải tìm chỗ đậu, không phải ghi nhớ là mình đã đậu xe ở đâu. Hệ thống tìm kiếm và định vị xe dựa vào biển số sẽ giúp khách dễ dàng thực

Not only residents of Sunshine Group can experience the above preeminent features. For any visitors to park the car at the parking lots of Sunshine Group, parking as well as finding the car is also optimized where visitors neither need to find parking spaces nor remember where the car is parked. The system of searching and locating cars based on license plate numbers will help visitors do that easily.

In terms of security and safety, the camera system which is widely installed along with the information application on the phone allows residents to access the camera system at any time to proactively monitor and find out their cars when necessary.

It can be said that the smart parking application is one of Sunshine Group’s breakthrough steps, which will make even parking become a smart, interesting experience for future residents in the digital age. This is known as one of numerous features integrated in a “super App” that Sunshine Group is deploying and launching soon in the near future.