In the heart of Ha Thanh, the rich is still tired of looking for a place to settle down

In the past, people still thought that only those who were not rich enough had to concern about buying a place in the middle of the rich and expensive Ha Thanh. But in reality, rich people nowadays, even many of them, are still looking for a place to settle down.

When the rich also consider

Stopping the car, Thanh Hung (38-year-old businessman) walked into a coffee shop on the side of romantic West Lake. While sipping a passionate cup of coffee, he confided that just because of the poetic scenery of Ho Tay and the memorable weather of Hanoi are the reasons why he decided to return to Vietnam to live after more than 10 years of living in other countries.

As an entrepreneur studying and working in France for nearly ten years, the modern, civilized and advanced in foreign country has left him with unforgettable impressions. He said, the mansion where he lives in France is great, both comfortable and classy and also shows the unique aspect of the upper class people. He nodded and said: “living like that is worth living”. However, he also mused to admit that it was beautiful and luxurious, it lacks of gathering of relatives, Asian quality, Hanoi romance. That’s why I came back.

For the rich, the home must be like a luxury resort, so after a busy day, they can return to relaxation and peaceful state.

Back to Vietnam, Mr. Thanh Hung found it really hard to find a home. For him, home shall be a place to rest, enjoy every moment, and equip with enough utilities to meet the needs of enjoying the lives of young people who are busy and under the pressure of work like him and his wife. The difficulty is that the apartment still has to retain Asian features, airy, lots of green space between a stifling and crowded Hanoi because his family also has old parents and young children.

Having the same concern, Mr. Nguyen Phuc (62 years old, retired officer, Hang Bong street, Hanoi) shared: “Living in the old quarter for the half of life, I love this place. The old quarter has a very unique soul of Hanoi people, right in the center so everything is convenient. However, currently my family extends, the old town house is small, cramped, crowded and unable to meet the needs of living. Therefore, I want to buy another place, more spacious … “.

In Mr. Phuc’s family, there are 4 generations living together and children are all successful, excellent. The criteria that Mr. Nguyen Phuc wants is a very large apartment, many bedrooms, especially the surrounding space must be spacious and peaceful. Moreover, because I was too attached with my birthplace, I wanted my new home to be close to the center so that whenever I wanted to, my wife and I could take a walk on familiar roads of Hanoi Old Quarter.

It can be seen that finding a house for the rich is not a simple task.

The upper class and their desire to return to the home which is worth the resorts value.

Eventually, after finding a home, Thanh Hung and Uncle Nguyen Phuc were predestined to become neighbors to each other in the future. It was unexpected! It’s hard to believe, a young, dynamic, busy and a nostalgic middle-aged generation … can meet at a common point when choosing where to live. However, both Thanh Thanh, businessman and Mr. Nguyen Phuc immediately place an order because “It’s too worthy to become the most ideal place to live in Hanoi” – as Thanh Hung said.

The two revealed that after thorough research, they were completely conquered by a project called Sunshine Crystal River, the first sky villas complex of Sunshine Group in Hanoi.

Sunshine Crystal River is paid attention by the rich due to its prime location in the West Lake area.

Immediately, Sunshine Crystal River leaves a big question. After all, what is this project, and why does the rich who just met have to buy?

In order to find how the elite wants to stay, the first thing to notice is the location. Sunshine Crystal River is located in Nam Thang Long urban area – Ciputra. Just by mentioning this place, people have to admit that this place is famous civilized and model because it is the first international urban area in Hanoi and West Lake is no doubts to be worth living. If the old quarter is a crowded business place, West Lake is the cradle of Trang An spiritual, religious and cultural values. Quang An, Phu Thuong and Tay Ho areas are not only recognized to be a fengshui position by citizens of Hanoi, but also attracts foreigners by its prime location, green landscape, and spacious ecological space. Therefore, no matter what your age, everyone’s hobby is different, the land of West Lake is still the pride of those who own it.

Each of the Sunshine Crystal River sky villas has green gardens and a swimming pool with a panoramic view of the city.

Moreover, from the location of the project, busy entrepreneurs like Mr. Thanh Hung can easily move into the central areas of the city, go to the airport for business … And retired people like Mr. Phuc, it takes him a few minutes to set foot in the old quarter to admire the streets and feel the familiarity of nearly half of his life.


Large Apartments, the interference of modern and traditional feature identified with East Asia characteristic, suits for multi-generation families to live.

Villas are formerly the residence which the upper class choose, so it is not unfamiliar. But in term of Sky villas in Hanoi, Sunshine Crystal River is a pioneer project. Living in a luxury sky apartment with distinct interior which show the owner’s personality, pool and small and beautiful garden corners, etc. is the priority of the owners of Sunshine Crystal River’s apartments. When this detail is mentioned, both Mr. Thanh Hung and Mr. Nguyen Phuc are fully sympathy. How comfortable the life is when imagining about relaxing in a luxury apartment and swimming pool! Mr Nguyen Phuc even plans to choose a bonsai in his small sky garden as a hobby of the elder.

A green space full with green and covered by free Tay Lake and Red river turns Sunshine Crystal River into an isolated resort.

In term of design, architecture, utility, Sunshine Crystal River meets both modern and traditional feature. On the ground that the project brings about an ideal living space for the successful young people who are longing for control their own life in the time that technology 4.0 “covers” every corner of the apartment in order to bring about a convenient life in each of the smallest detail. Besides that, interior design with Indochina style showing East Asia cultural space is ideal for multi-generation families, is also a place where children live together and take care of their grandparents, parents to preserve the cultural and beauty of “When drinking water, think of its source” tradition of the Vietnamese for generations.

Sunshine Crystal River is also a project developed with the resort standard to create a Wellness community pioneering in Vietnam. It is not only a leisure space with classy resort- like utility but also is utilities developed towards health care and specialized care in each apartment , each building.

Each moment passed in Sunshine Crystal River brings residents about the enjoyment of relaxing moment in a leisure paradise.

When living here, residents like Mr. Phuc, Mr. Hung don’t need to take a long trip to peaceful outskirt at weekend because every single moment of life in Sky villas is a leisure travel. With large inner area of green trees, and breathing a fresh air of windy Red river and Tay Lake, Sunshine Crystal River is truly an ecotourism.

The project has a sky walking garden, a series of indoor and outdoor pool, amusement zone, spa, gym, massage, sauna, tea ceremony zone, constitutional garden, a stop tower for playing chess or reading, etc. which meet all resident’s demand of all age. Therefore, Sunshine Crystal River is actually a paradise, the interference of life value for the young like Mr. Thanh Hung or the elder like Mr. Phuc.


Sunshine Crystal River is really the best solution for Hanoi’s upper class to find accommodation.

It can be seen that choice of living in Sunshine Crystal River is the choice of living a enjoyable life in a place like a real resort, where you may not be busy with finding some peaceful place to relax on the outskirt at weekend because you can feel every moment here as a leisure travel. And to the rich, it is exactly core value which they are seeking for, etc.