The time of the sky “resort” apartments

In 2019, the real-estate market is developing dramatically. This is the time that creative ideas are constantly being formed, making the products "unique".

Differentiated by the resort experience “0 dong”

The resort is still characterized by a garden, but it is not a cramped space just enough for small flowers to reach out for sunshine and wind. Now, the “sky garden” revolution has brought to the sky apartments a true garden space as in the ground villas. With a large area, the sky gardens possess large trees, luxuriant shrubs in accordance with the concept of a “secret garden” with private space optimal for every relaxing moments of the family.

Still the cozy dining rooms, but only with the delicate exchanges between the interior spaces, now even when cooking or when the whole family dines, in front of the whole, there will be a glimpse of the windy Red River and the West River. No need to go to the luxurious restaurants, all of Hanoi’s best moments, whether it’s in the early morning dew, or at sunset, and when the sparkling lights are lit up at night, will be in front of the eyes of the residents, making the daily meals into poetic, romantic but luxurious moments.

“Sky garden” – one of the unique designs of Sunshine Golden River

Many people have told us that they like weekends to luxury restaurants, enjoying American steak while sipping a glass of red wine and watching from above the city’s overall scene engulfed in dazzling lights. So why do we not bring this wonderful experience rightly into our daily lives, in the house we live in? ”, Sunshine Group representative shared with us the idea of bringing experiences of luxurious views at the sky restaurants as well as resorts into the Sunshine Golden River apartments.

With the optimization design of the view, the project’s high-end apartments will keep the panoramic view as well as catch the wind and the sun to ensure a living space blending with nature, balancing between a modern living space and resort elements for every homeowner.

With beautiful views, Sunshine’s residents can enjoy meals at home just like in other luxury hotels.

These “0 dong” resort experiences are the added value that makes Sunshine Golden River the most attractive “magnet” in the real estate market in the early days of 2019.

Trendy quality living spreads in each utility

Located in Nam Thang Long urban area (Hanoi), Sunshine Golden River project is perfectly ecologically planned with the green landscape of the sky gardens, the ultimate utility system to create an open, spacious, quiet living environment to bring a comfortable, wonderful relaxing life. Moreover, the resort experience at Sunshine Golden River is extended by a full and classy list of utilities like any famous resort in Vietnam.


Sunshine Golden River is located in a prime location in the golden land – Nam Thang Long urban area (Hanoi)

The project belongs to Nam Thang Long urban area, adjacent to the 18-hole golf course, next to the complex of projects under the Sunshine Group brand such as Sunshine Riverside, Sunshine Crystal River, Sunshine City, Sunshine Wonder Villas, … Therefore, the residents of Sunshine Golden River can obviously enjoy all the high-end facilities in the Sunshine ecosystem such as tennis courts, schools, swimming pools, mineral pools, Gym, Yoga, Spa, Massage, Sauna, Asian and European cuisine areas …

The trendiness and class of Sunshine Group’s internal utilities can’t be denied and you can easily recognized that the Investor has put all of his heart and soul in how to preserve the spiritual values in the humanity in daily life of the residents. That is why besides luxurious Cigar Lounge, high-class golf course, we can still recognize simple space like the mother’s garden where our mothers can plant flowers or fresh veggies when the kids are playing and creating new games with green trees or our fathers’ garden area is where our dads relax with chess games, small bird cages or just a tea place and life stories chatting.

By the careful investment, deep understandings and thorough calculating in designing and constructing the project, Sunshine Group Investor has succeeded in bringing true resort life experiences to residents of Sunshine Golden River in every moment of everyday life, whether it’s the space inside or outside each door of the family.

Sunshine Golden River is a luxury and high-class apartment project under the Sunshine Apartment line developed by Sunshine Group – a pioneer group that applies 4.0 technology in project management and operation while provision its resident with a “Sunshine ecosystem” including: Education, trade, service – entertainment … according to international standards.

Detailed information about Sunshine Golden River Project, please contact:

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