Besides Phu Quoc, what is the new hot spot for resort investment in Vietnam?

Being blessed with the most beautiful beaches on the planet, Nha Trang with its planning policy is gradually occupying the "throne", becoming a hot spot for resort investment in Vietnam.

Nha Trang – A hot spot for capital inflows

Just 5 years ago, people would think of Phu Quoc when mentioning resort tourism. Kien Giang’s pearl island raised a terrific “fever” for businesses at that time. But over the last 2 years, Nha Trang has thriven to be a hot spot driving investors to “spend money” in the market. When people take a look at Nha Trang’s advantages, it is not difficult to explain its attraction.

Not only is Nha Trang a cultural and economic center of the region but it also has beautiful beaches, white sand, clear blue sea, …. In addition, Nha Trang has numerous special festivals and regularly host remarkable domestic and international events… It can be said that Nha Trang’s opportunity to develop resort tourism is tremendous.


Endowed with beautiful beaches, wonderful landscapes, Nha Trang has the full potential to become the idealist tourist destination in Vietnam

At present, Nha Trang – Khanh Hoa has a system of modern facilities, advanced transportation center including: road, sea, rail and air line. These are also the contributors to enhance Nha Trang resort tourism level over other provinces in the country. Since the beginning of the second quarter of 2018, Cam Ranh Airport has officially launched several international long-haul flights, welcoming foreign visitors to Nha Trang.

According to Ms. Nguyen Thi Le Thanh – Deputy Director of the Tourism Department, in the first half of 2019, it is estimated that Khanh Hoa welcomed nearly 3.4 million tourists, increasing by more than 11% compared to the same period in 2018. Specifically, the number of foreign visitors was more than 1.7 million, increasing by nearly 24%. Tourism revenue is estimated at over 11 trillion VND, increasing by 12% compared to the same period of last year. Tourism picture of the land of aloeswood is getting brighter and brighter as more airlines are exploiting long-haul flights from countries to Cam Ranh airport.

Specifically, the Government’s approval of the comprehensive plan for tourism development in the South Central Coast region to 2020 has had a positive impact on the resort market in Nha Trang. A series of projects and infrastructures are upgraded to pave the way for the rapid acceleration of the tourism growth in Khanh Hoa, stretching from Cam Ranh to Nha Trang city. It is a good time for investors to consider investing in Nha Trang.

The introduction of the blockbuster Sunshine Marina Nha Trang Bay Resort contributes to raising the level of tourism for this beautiful coastal city

In that context, the masterpiece Sunshine Marina Nha Trang, which has recently been spectacularly launched by Sunshine Group in Hanoi and Saigon, pioneering introducing 4.0 Integrated Resort (IR) model to Vietnam, promises to be a major project to change the appearance of Nha Trang tourism, bringing huge profit margins.

The expensive masterpiece to build a brand for Nha Trang tourism

In fact, appearance of each major infrastructure project which will mark an important milestone for Nha Trang resort tourism. For example, since the coastal road Nguyen Tat Thanh connecting the center of Nha Trang city and Cam Ranh airport was completed, or Nha Trang- Da Lat highway was officially opened …, Nha Trang tourism has stepped into a brilliant development period. And since Sunshine Marina Nha Trang Bay, the integrated resort complex which offers traveling, entertaining and shopping experiences of 5-star plus international standard (5 stars ++) was launched, a new breakthrough has again been expected.

This project is developed following the model of Integrated Resort which is very popular in the world, naming The Venetia (Las Vegas, USA), Marina Bay Sand (Singapore); Resort World Genting (Malaysia); Mission Hills Haiku (China); City Of Dream (Macau)…


Sunshine Marina Nha Trang Bay is expected to bring enormous benefits to investors

Located right on the front of Tran Phu Street, the million-dollar street of a series of 5-star condotel projects, only a few steps from the beach and famous Tram Huong tower, Sunshine Marina Nha Trang Bay has a unique location as its advantage.

From the resort area, visitors can quickly access the central area, famous sites and attractions of the city, external services as well as the clear blue sea.

Coming to Sunshine Marina Nha Trang Bay, the vacation is not only limited to “eating-sleeping-relaxing” but also filled with a lot of familiar high-class entertaining activities like those at Integrated Resorts worldwide but first appearing in Vietnam.

At Sunshine Marina Nha Trang Bay, all the sophisticated resort needs are met

Tourists can relax, immerse themselves in the cool water of infinity pool, enjoy the beautiful scenery of Nha Trang coastal city or the whole project and take unique check-in shots from boats on the internal river surrounding the project. They can also immerse themselves in dynamic music with wine & cocktails at the rooftop bar, explore abundant marine ecosystem of the ocean in the aquarium. Furthermore, they can attend world-class music events at the outdoor Lighting Show stage and adore unique performances at the water music stage.

Sunshine Marina Nha Trang Bay also offers an upscale shopping mecca of the world’s top brand products. In addition, tourists can also enjoy a variety of cuisines prepared by the talented 5-star hotel chefs.

Particularly, Sunshine Marina Bay Nha Trang is one of the few projects in Nha Trang that have a marina – an indispensable utility for Integrated Resorts. >> Omit this paragraph for legal reasons

With smart technology applications, Sunshine Marina Nha Trang Bay is considered as the “trump card” of Sunshine Group in Nha Trang. After conquering Hanoi’s and Ho Chi Minh City’s real estate market, Nha Trang is promised to be a potential playground for this real estate giant.