800 broker floors closed down, wave of real estate brokers “migrated” following big investors

The mass dissolution of real estate exchanges is creating a wave of brokers' movement. They gradually moved to become business experts for big investors as these companies promoted the "sale in house" segment, doing online business with a plentiful supply of goods.

In the 2020 1st Quarter Real Estate Market Report, the Ministry of Construction said that there are about 80% of trading floors closed down or suspended, or there were no transactions, so many individuals unemployed real estate in the first 3 months of 2020. The country is estimated to have about 200 real estate trading floors operating moderately.

According to Mr. Nguyen Van Dinh, Vice Chairman of Vietnam Real Estate Brokers Association, there are about 300 out of 1,000 real estate brokers across the country to close in February, and increase to 800 floors by the end of March. So far, only about 200 floors are still operating, but they have to change the online work plan at home and also operate moderately.

Mr. Dinh explained that the Covid-19 pandemic made the exchanges unable to operate well, while they still had to maintain the staff of the business team, pay the bank interest, be fined for violating the sales progress, pay advertising, marketing, land fees …

The mass dissolution of real estate exchanges is creating waves of brokers’ job migration. While some of the weak brokers move on to other occupations, some brokers, who have a wealth of experience and capabilities, are moving to become business professionals for large investors in the context that businesses are promoting the “sale in house” segment, doing online business with a plentiful supply of goods.

Sunshine Group is currently recruiting a large number of business consultants for online real estate (Sunshine App). Sunshine Group representative shared that the number of candidates applying for the position of business specialist of the business has increased sharply over the past month, many of which are from the closed exchanges, but others are from other business organizations in the market.

After the Covid-19 pandemic, Sunshine Group implemented the largest recruitment campaign ever.

Sunshine Group representatives explained that the attraction of Sunshine Group for current sales comes from the high quality and abundant source of goods in 30 projects across the country and the breakthrough Sunshine App sales application in the current real estate market. The sale of real estate through the Sunshine App ensure the justice for salespeople, protecting their rights, avoiding them being robbed customers, “blood cut”, which are common in the market now. In addition, with Sunshine App, business professionals have more reliable tools to directly access customers. In particular, high commissions and a series of weekly and monthly lucky draw programs for sales professionals are attracting a large number of them at the exchanges to focus sales through the Sunshine App.

“Online exchange is considered as the trend of the technology era but it is also a useful means for selling on the current real estate market. Sunshine App sales channel, carefully invested and provided with resources quality products in large quantity, ensures fast interaction and meet thousands of visitors at the same time. Customers are updated the database from the investor, thereby, it creates trust, and provides accurate information. With the support of Sunshine App, the number of business transactions recorded has increased significantly in recent years, “Sunshine representative added.

The online sales channel through Sunshine App brings many convenience to real estate sales team.

Mr. Minh Anh, a broker with 10 years of experience in the profession, has just applied for the position of a sales specialist of Sunshine Group. “I have mainly worked as a broker of a real estate exchange for 10 years. Besides, because the information is not accessible directly from the investor, the consultancy for sales to customers is also difficult. In addition, I also face fierce competition from other sales specialist.”

According to experts, the recent real estate market shows that the brokerage industry has been strongly restructured. This is a time when real estate brokers, including free and real estate brokers, are unlikely to continue to work due to the shortage of goods to sell, and the lack of interest from customers. Many weak real estate floors could not sustain but dissolved in series, most real estate brokers now fall into the “unemployment”.

The real estate market is more transparent, better developed thanks to online sales tools.

However, experts say that challenge of one person is an opportunity for another. In the current context, many large investors, who have a plentiful supply of goods and are strengthening their online businesses, are strongly attracting skilled and devoted consultants. With this trend, brokers do not disturb customers with strange phone calls or spam emails but use online sales tools, online consulting, helping customers grasp information more fully and accurately about good real estate products, creating greater transparency and development for the real estate market.

Sunshine Group employs an additional 100 people including the positions of Sales Executive and Sales Team Leader.

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