Sunshine Wonder Villas – the first smart villa of Sunshine Group

Locating at the golden place West of West Lake, Hanoi, Sunshine Wonder Villas offers a relaxing living space in the city with many luxurious facilities.

Real Estate 4.0: Sunshine Group, the story of the pioneer

Industrial revolution 4.0 is pushing a breakthrough for the whole real estate market, not only at smart technology applied to apartments and projects but also creating real smart cities and urban areas… With the development of advanced technology, a variety of smart applications are introduced into the real estate sector as an important therapy to stimulate real estate growth and create attractiveness for market.

Officially launched at the end of 2016, after a short time, Sunshine Group has made its own stand. According to experts, the success of this Sunshine Group is due to the niche market acquisition, choose a separate path with positioning the “smart real estate” brand, applying modern technology to development, construction and operation of the project.

Sharing with the press, Sunshine Group leaders once affirmed: “In the context that technology develops and becomes an indispensable part of human life, I realize that opportunities for young people to start from the technology platform is huge … Only using technology can create superior values, bringing products and businesses to higher levels, out of Vietnam border “.

Sunshine Group is one of the few Real Estate developers in Vietnam that catches the “Internet of Things” trend of the world.

With the orientation of becoming a pioneer, Sunshine Group intends to continuously launch new product lines more suitable to the needs of high-end customers. In the resort segment, Sunshine brought the first Integrated Resort model to Vietnam and developed the Condosuites model (improved from the Condotel model), also with the housing segment, recently, Sunshine has just announced the launch of new product line Sunshine Sky Villas and Sunshine Villas. All of these product lines are using smart technology as the foundation.

Sunshine Wonder Villas and the “smart villa” trend

As the first project of Sunshine Villas product line (Eco-Resort in the inner city developed by Sunshine Group), Sunshine Wonder Villas is developed based on a smart mansion, simultaneously develop more utilities and privileged services.

Some of Sunshine Wonder Villas’ premium and specialized facilities can be mentioned as: Central Square, harvard club – outdoor bar for aristocratic students, green parks, mordern underground transportation system, royal inter-school, …

In particular, with a wide view of the expensive Ciputra golf course, residents of Sunshine Wonder Villas enjoy a huge green space system from the water surface and golf course grass carpet. This is something that not all projects can have.

The most modern technologies are also invested by Sunshine Group and put into use to bring the highest level of life to residents.

In it, the security system is equipped with superior equipment. Along the internal roads and in the basement are installed Face Recognition and License Plate Recognition camera system. Such cameras are equipped with infrared sensors that can be detected even in the dark with high accuracy. This system will issue warnings when any stranger enters and leaves the area without pre-registration and it also provides information to the owners of the villas about their family members leaving or back home at any time of the day (upon request).

Besides, thanks to modern SmartHome devices, the apartments will be equipped with new safety features. The first is the ability to automate the villas (turn off, turn on electronic devices, infrared). Secondly, the system of sensors to measure environmental parameters, motion detection sensors, sensors to detect open or closed doors to automatically order devices such as air conditioners, water heaters … operate at the optimal mode and energy saving.

Bill Gates’s technology villa is the inspiration for the smart villas of Sunshine Wonder Villas

In addition to technology applications for residents, investors also apply technology in operation and project management to improve efficiency and transparency. The online Sunshine Service system with quality 5 ++ stars always meets the needs of customers 24/4.

Thanks to modern, superior technologies, life at Sunshine Wonder Villas is reduced to just a few touches on a tablet or smartphone.

Sunshine Wonder Villas is an inner-city resort villa of Sunshine Villas developed by Sunshine Group – a pioneer in technology 4.0 in project management and operation.

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