What should Nha Trang do to complete its ambition to become the second Singapore in Vietnam?

Converging all the enviable privileges from nature, Nha Trang is really in need of a boost to realize its ambition to become the second Singapore in Vietnam or even better than Hawaii in the future.

When the potential has been predicted 100 years ago

Blue sea road stretches to embrace Nha Trang’s charming land which is ranked as one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet. The climate is mild year-round with many charming landscapes encompassing Nha Trang as the resort paradise of Vietnam. It seems that nature has favored this land too much to make everyone more expected in the development of Nha Trang beach tourism.

“The location of Nha Trang is very beautiful. It’s rarely a land that faces the sea. There are 5 solidly covered mountains around here” – Doctor Kieu Xuan Cu, a Khanh Hoa native people, who proudly shared with us his pride in such a land of Nha Trang.

There are sea, mountains, peace and they lean on each other in the mild sunshine of the sky and earth, people here still want Nha Trang to get a boost to raise their position even more in the international travel map as what Singapore, Thailand or Hong Kong has done.

Together with the opinions of the people, Khanh Hoa provincial government always strives to implement the ambition to make Nha Trang more beautiful than Hawaii in the future.

There is no basis for these ambitions, when the potential of Nha Trang tourism has been seen 100 years ago. The French chose this place as their ideal holiday destination.

Even Tran Phu Street today, then named a poetic name as the Road of the beautiful coast (Rue de Beau Rivage) by French architects on the basis of vision 100 years later. They foresaw that this road would be the most prosperous in the city and the traffic would be very large, so it was divided into two separate lanes. The plan with this vision remains the same today and the road of Tran Phu is so extended to the north and south to maximize Nha Trang’s sea potential.

Tran Phu Street – Nha Trang with planning calculated from 100 years ago

Excess potential, Nha Trang needs a kick to shine on the international tourist map

The tourism picture in Nha Trang is quite monotonous with the number of hotels and resorts growing like mushrooms, but the impression left with visitors is not true to the expectations of the tourism industry here.

“In addition to eating, sleeping, sightseeing, visitors have few other recreational activities that are attractive enough to make them urge to return to Nha Trang many times,” a tour guide has 10 years experience leading the tours in Nha Trang said.

The question is that it needs a breakthrough direction, instead of spreading as it is today, to really make a push to Nha Trang, with the advantages of taking “all of heaven”, can lead about tourism in Vietnam. What Nha Trang needs is to build a specific logo for itself. Just like Pattaya, it is remembered as Thailand’s nightlife paradise, or the luxurious Dubai with the imprint of the only 7-star hotel in the world Buri Al Arab, Nha Trang needs a different highlight, striking from the general title entitled “paradise of sea” that many other coastal cities in Vietnam are also possessing.

Consulting many experts in the field of real estate and marine tourism, many opinions are inclined to develop a new type of resort that has never appeared in Nha Trang in particular and Vietnam in general – Integrated Resort, Also known as a complex resort.

This is a model of 360 degree complex, full of fun, entertainment and tourism activities developed with 5 star ++ standard, which is very famous in the world and widely deployed in big international cities such as Marina Bay Sands (Singapore), Resorts World Genting (Malaysia), Mission Hills Haikou (China), City of Dreams (Macau), Venetian and Palazzo (Las Vegas), Melbourne’s Crown Entertainment Complex or South Africa’s Sun City.

Talking about Integrated Resort, Nha Trang can refer to how Singapore did when investing in Marina Bay Sands, which is still hailed as a feat in Singapore tourism.

Marina Bay Sands – Integrated Resort icon in Singapore

If you can bring a version of Marina Bay Sands to Nha Trang, besides the blue sea and golden sunshine, visitors will have the most favorite vacation resort experience in the world such as yachts, infinity pools, theaters, water music stages and music nights and wonderful art performances in the dance of technology and light… Finding the right direction, Nha Trang is not difficult to reach to become Singapore second or even more beautiful than Hawaii in the future.

Will Sunshine Group bring a version of Marina Bay Sands to Nha Trang, opening a new era of resort tourism?

Sunshine Group and plans to bring Integrated Resort model into Vietnam

Recently, according to the little information that PV has obtained, a real estate “rich man” in Hanoi – Sunshine Group has announced that it will bring a version of Marina Bay Sands Singapore to Vietnam, specifically Nha Trang, officially participated in the resort real estate race in this very “hot” land.

Although it is only a very limited disclosure of information from the end of 2017, early 2018, Sunshine Marina Nha Trang Bay – Sunshine Group’s latest project quickly shook Nha Trang real estate market when it was released. Highway will be built on a prime location, the last piece of gold on Tran Phu street, located in the heart of the coastal city.

Sunshine Marina Nha Trang Bay is expected by the real estate community to be an international entertainment product

In particular, according to the investor representative, through the project with a total investment of up to 10 trillion dong, Sunshine Group will pioneer to integrate Integrated Resort (IR) into Vietnam, which the first stop is the Nha Trang coastal city. Officially established a complex resort of international scale, converging all tourism activities and entertainment of the world, the first time gathering at a coastal resort like yacht harbor, private beach, internal river connecting with the sea, stage of music and water light … with services and utilities bearing the mark of smart technology 4.0.

Converging every elite to become a new icon of the elite, Sunshine Marina Nha Trang Bay is expected to be a “iconic project”, a prominent real estate product, creating a breakthrough and soon take pictures of Nha Trang tourism far ahead on the world travel map.