Royal living at Sunshine Wonder Villas

Luxury is the world of unlimited creation, as well as the resort villa - icon of top class. Have you ever thought about a signature architecture, full class facilities with front yard, backyard, even private pool or home service, then it is still not all ......

As the first project launched by Sunshine Group for Sunshine Villas product line – urban resort villas, Sunshine Wonder Villas is not only overwhelmed by its prime location, exquisite Mediterranean design or luxurious Shophouse row ( commercial townhouses), but also bring out the unexpected values ​​that the elite professionals named “the privilege of life in the royal palace”.

Resort villa with view to golf course

Golf is not only a hobby but also a privilege of the upper class. Due to strict technical design requirements, golf courses are often located in suburban areas, where there is a large land and space. Therefore, Sunshine Wonder Villas was introduced as a resort villa with view to golf course in the city immediately attracted the attention of the market.

According to the representative of Sunshine Group, the exact location of this project is located in Nam Thang Long Urban Area, adjacent to the 18-hole Ciputra Golf Course, another product of Sunshine City also very successful before that.

Located in Nam Thang Long urban area, the focus of gold land in West of West Lake, Sunshine Wonder Villas is considered a spectacular “opening act” for Sunshine Villas series. Not only enjoying the fresh living space, nice feng shui, the project also enjoys all the high-class facilities formed in the area from the neighboring  projects of Sunshine.

This expensive location brings Sunshine Wonder Villas a great advantage of living space. This is not only the place where the owner relaxes in sumptuous villas, full of conveniences but also enjoy the beautiful sunny days immersed in nature, the feeling of swinging, conquering the artistic swing with the upstream community shares the same interests.

Resort villa 4.0

Technology is still the absolute competitive advantage of Sunshine Group. Along with the upcoming Sunshine Wonder Villas, Sunshine Group also officially introduced the first smart villas researched and developed by the Group.

Sunshine Wonder Villas is the first project of the “Smart Villa” product line developed by Sunshine Group.

Based on the trend of Internet of Things (things connected to the Internet), villas of Sunshine Wonder Villas offer the perfect living experience with smart devices. The project is applied with the most modern technologies such as Face ID security technology, intelligent sensor system that controls electronic, infrared, motion sensors, automatically turn on lights in areas such as corridors, stairs, toilets, environmental sensors, measuring air quality, temperature, humidity, multi-color illumination RGB controlled via mobile applications, or according to pre-set scenarios, smart speaker, voice control …

All of these specifications are calculated and optimized from design to operation, the owner does not have to choose to buy a SmartHome device separately as the projects commonly found in the market.

Sophistication comes from unique life experiences

The difference between super cars and ordinary cars is in the subtleties that are in each movement. Delivering extraordinary and satisfying life experiences such as sitting in classic supercars like Bentley, Rolls-Royce, etc. Sunshine Wonder Villas is calculated and designed to be reserved for the upper-class life.

The project is designed with a high quality “all in one” service system, available 24/7. In particular, 7-star specialized services “One Villa – One Service” such as providing super-luxury cars with private drivers; butler service, private service … will give homeowners a feeling of absolute enjoyment of the elite, super rich. Besides, security and isolation are the top values ​​that investors are interested in.

The green campus and the “all in one” ecosystem make the most expensive plus points of Sunshine Wonder Villas.

Along the internal roads and in the basement is installed camera system for Face Recognition and License Plate Recognition. These are state-of-the-art cameras equipped with infrared sensors that can be detected even in the dark night with high accuracy. The system will issue warnings to security personnel of any stranger entering and leaving the area as well as strange vehicles coming in and out without prior registration.

Unique villa, “trump card” by Sunshine Group

The most outstanding feature of Sunshine Wonder Villas and Sunshine Group’s strategy to penetrate the luxury property market is the uniqueness of all products. A concierge – superior service was born in Los Angeles to meet the demands of shopping experience, entertainment, vacation … of rich American people shared that:

The elite are too familiar with the definitions of luxury and class. Only difference can win their heart, it means that new things overcoming the normal boundaries to locate and establish a personal throne for those who enjoy it. The market has Bespoke watch masterpieces, unique cars … so the Bespoke Villas, why not ?

Will Bespoke Villas create a revolution for the ultra-luxury real estate market?

At the Sunshine Villas project line, which started with Sunshine Wonder Villas, Sunshine Group applied “exclusive” handover policy: Raw handover to customers to complete the villa or design consultancy package, supported and accompanied by Sunshine Design (Sunshine Group’s design unit) during the completion of the apartment. Thus, each villas possesses a unique value. In addition, the entire interior of the project will use furniture ordered from Italy.

Doing what others have never done to conquer those who have never been touched, with the bold philosophy of product development, creativity and ambition, Sunshine Group from a young technology man comes to the real estate market, now uses technology to serve as a platform to change the face of the market. The piece of super luxury real estate has been in the hands of giants, up to now, it is redistributed by young people who dare to think, dare to do, dare to change.

Sunshine Wonder Villas is an inner-city resort villa of Sunshine Villas, developed by Sunshine Group – a pioneer in technology 4.0 in project management and operation.

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