Sunshine City Saigon into the target of Korean customers

Direct investment capitals from Korea continuously flowed into Vietnam, leading to a strong increase of the Korean community go there to work and live. This is a solid base to ensure the brilliant development of the high-end apartment market for Korean customers to rent and buy houses in Vietnam.

Korea holds the “king” position of FDI into Vietnam
The latest statistics at the end of February 2019 of the Foreign Investment Department (Ministry of Planning and Investment) showed that, in 130 countries and territories with investment projects in Vietnam, Korea is at the top with total registered capital of US$63.7 billion, accounting for 18.4% of total investment capital. Along with the direct investment capitals from South Korea that continuously flowed into Vietnam, according to Savills, the number of Koreans coming to Vietnam to work and live has increased nearly 50 times in less than a decade, reaching about 100,000 people, most concentrated in two big cities, Hanoi Capital and Ho Chi Minh City.

If in Hanoi, Trung Hoa – Nhan Chinh, My Dinh – Me Tri are considered the “Korean” roads, then in Ho Chi Minh City, for many years, District 7 area is automatically considered as a “miniature Seoul” with more than 20,000 Koreans live, entailing various “standard Korean” services from restaurants, hotels, super Marketing, schools to international clinics …

In their culture, Koreans always uphold the national spirit and cohesion, so the Korean community has been firmly established in District 7 which is a guarantee so that the apartment market in this area may develop. However, according to the general comment, Korean visitors are quite strict in choosing houses. They often consider high-class, aesthetic, open-air projects and blend with nature.
<Among the new projects in District 7, Sunshine City Saigon with the majority of construction area is devoted to developing a green landscape system that meets the most rigorous international living standards; currently, the project is highly appreciated in the Korean community in particular, and attracts the most customers in the real estate market in Ho Chi Minh City in general.

Sunshine City Saigon conquered fastidious Korean “gods”

Located right in the central location of District 7, adjacent to Phu My Hung, where gathers the most crowded Korean community in Ho Chi Minh city, Sunshine City Saigon is expected to contribute to the expansion of Korean towns here.

The favorable position on the river nearly, water closely has created an open and expensive Panorama vision for Sunshine City Saigon apartments. From their apartment, family members not only find moments of relaxation before the clouds and waves from the peaceful Ca Cam River, but also feel clearly the vibrant and bustling rhythm of Saigon life.

Overall, Sunshine Group is determined to turn Sunshine City Saigon into a high-end integrated smart home model 4.0, combined with green architecture towards nature and luxurious interior materials with sophisticated gold-plated details, top-notch utility services such as Sky Bar Panorama, Sky Walk, inter-lake landscape, core landscape style European garden, international school …

In detail, Sunshine City Saigon is added with unique highlights to conquer the standard of global civilization of the international resident community in general, as well as the Korean community in particular. These are spacious refugee spaces from 85 to over 100m2 in accordance with international firefighting standards on the 20th floor of buildings. This is a testament to the position of Sunshine City Saigon when there are only luxury real estate projects to meet this standard in the market.

Especially, every one floor, the owner of Sunshine Group built a hanging garden up to 70m2 even though the gold land fund is increasingly narrow and expensive. Besides the large area for community spaces in the center of buildings, instead of expanding the area of ​​houses, investor prioritizes to create a fresh and airy green space.

Considering the current context, many projects of high-class but economical area with a width of only 1.5m make the common path become narrow and secretive. Recognizing this shortcoming, the Sunshine City Saigon project has clearly shown both the “mind” and “range” of the investor: Put the community’s interests first, do not follow the profit, but always aim sustainable development and serving the long life of the whole community.

Not only bring the splendor and glamor outside but every detail and small accents inside Sunshine City Saigon are placed by the investor to work hard and “fit” for the project. This is the “secret key” to open the heart of the project, conquering the Korean resident community – who wish to find “settle down and thrive” in Vietnam.
Preferential policies for customers when buying Sunshine City Saigon apartment:

Discount up to 8% GTCH when paying 95% GTCH within 15 days from the signing date of the sales contract.

Receive a package to support loans up to 70% of apartment value (0% interest rate during document perfecting period) within 25 years, the original repayment grace period during DPP. Free early repayment for customers who pay all or part of the loan.

Give management service package for 2 years from the date of handing over the apartment

Discount 1% on the selling price when buying the second apartment (before VAT and Maintenance expenses), including apartments of other projects of the Group (this amount is deducted from the total value of the apartment).

For more information about Sunshine City Saigon project, please contact:

Hotline: 1800 6233