The second Sunshine Maple Bear facility is about to open in Sunshine Riverside

On September 20th, 2019, Sunshine Maple Bear Kindergarten will officially open at the Sunshine Riverside project, Tay Ho Tay area. The emergence of a 5-star standard school will open up opportunities for young residents to learn in an advanced education.

Choosing kindergarten is the first foundation choice for children

According to scientific studies, from 0 to 6 years of age is an important stage that plays a major role in the future formation process of children later. This is the most ideal time to form good personalities and habits. Education in this golden age has special significance and kindergarten will be an important first foundation for children. It is also a problem that causes parents who have children about to enter kindergarten age to ponder, think and choose.

When Sunshine Maple Bear at Sunshine Riverside is officially put into operation, Hanoi will have an additional 5-star high-class kindergarten in Tay Ho district.

How can I choose a prestigious, safe and friendly kindergarten? – That is always the question in the minds of the parents. More than anyone, parents understand that kindergarten will be a “second home”, where children will leave the arms of relatives to go to school, receive the care and instruction of teachers.

Classroom system of Sunshine Maple Bear, which is flooded with natural light, spacious with advanced learning equipment to help children maximize their senses, emotions and intellect.

As a young mother, whose children are about to go to school, Mrs. Hong Hanh (Tay Ho, Hanoi) shared: “My husband and I believe that children now need to have access to new things, be confident to develop their emotions and abilities … so I want to choose a school where when they go to school, they will be independent and enhance the skills in life so that they can be more stable”.

Among many modern kindergartens now, a large number of parents trust and “tell” each other to choose Sunshine Maple Bear. It is known that Sunshine Maple Bear is a school that fully applies the early childhood education method of Canada, the country with the world’s leading advanced education, operating in 17 countries around the world such as Mexico and Turkey, Morocco, India, China, Bangladesh, Brazil, Korea, Singapore, USA, UAE, Philippines and Vietnam…

Sunshine Maple Bear kindergarten: The quintessence of education and nurturing the future talents


According to the information revealed, on September 20th, 2019, the second facility of Sunshine Maple Bear in Hanoi will be officially put into operation at the Sunshine Riverside project. Through research, Sunshine Maple Bear Kindergarten was born by the cooperation of two big brands: the prestigious and potential real estate group, Sunshine Group and the famous Canadian educational brand, Maple Bear. Previously, the first Sunshine Maple Bear kindergarten in the educational system of Sunshine Group was put into operation at the Sunshine Palace project (Hoang Mai, Hanoi) and was trusted and loved by families. Also on September 20th, 2019, Sunshine Maple Bear education system will organize a celebration and gratitude after two years of entering the education field with the desire to bring the world’s elite education to Vietnamese children.

Looking at the spacious facilities and modern curriculum based on the world’s leading advanced education to understand the Sunshine Group’s dedication to the education

One of the first factors that Sunshine Maple Bear in Sunshine Riverside conquered customers is the 5-star standard facilities. The school makes the most of green space, bringing a sense of closeness to nature. The children’s learning and playing space are also spacious, clean, with advanced, safe and friendly learning equipment for children. The school also has a system of canteen, kitchen, health care area, multi-purpose gyms … to serve the comprehensive development of both physical and intellectual, life skills of students.


Library room is designed beautifully with bright and vivid colors, stimulating the passion for reading for children

A special feature of the school is the application of the prestigious Canadian kindergarten model with a team of teachers trained officially according to international standards. At Maple Bear Canadian Kindergarten, children are not only cared for but also have fun, learn and live like a miniature society. Children are free to explore the world around them, to communicate with friends, teachers … The curriculum has rich, vibrant, suggestive content, associated with reality.

Also at this “second home”, children will always feel warm, loving, safe and respect the development of each child individually. Teachers and schools will create a healthy environment for children who have a sense of being heard and desire to speak out, observe, encourage, and adjust appropriately to help children feel confident and promote the strengths of themselves.

Modern, friendly health room in Sunshine Maple Bear Riverside School

Ms. Tran Thi Nhu Loan – Deputy General Director in charge of education of Sunshine Group said: “With modern facilities located on the premise of a high-class project and Canadian standard education program, Sunshine Maple Bear at Sunshine Riverside, we believe: This school will bring the best educational environment for future generations of children, create a great start for children, especially in English language ability, worthy of “Dream Kindergarten” for the future owners of the country”.

On September 20th, 2019, Sunshine Maple Bear Kindergarten will welcome parents and students to attend “Opening Day”. The event will be a bridge to help parents directly visit the facilities and exchange about programs and modern learning methods for children. The children will also participate in meaningful and joyful experience activities!


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