Getting best summer holiday at Sunshine Summer Ever camp

Summer is the time that every children looking forward to escaping from studying and learning pressure, but this is a difficult problem for parents in order to find useful activities during summer time.

Find summer camp for your child – Easy but difficult

With the explosion of summer camp programs today, it seems that parents have more choices for their children in the summer. From technology summer camps, visit summer camps, skill summer camps, to art summer camps, charity summer camps, army summer camps, etc. Each type has its distinct benefits. For long-term summer camps, the goal is to be independent, to practice more life skills and knowledge for children. Meanwhile, short-day summer camp programs often help you get more experience benefits, go to new places and try new challenges.

In addition, participating in the above-mentioned summer camps helps students with other overall benefits such as health, skills, social harmony development, personal awareness increasing and make accquaintance with new friends. However, sometimes the concerns of parents about tuition fees, study programs, time, location, transportation convenience, etc. have not be solved.

Ms. Thanh Ha – a parent in Tay Ho area (Hanoi) said that during the summer she had to “struggle” to find a summer camp for her children. Because there are very good summer camps but it only lasts 7-10 days. Then she had to find another place to join continue the schedule, making sure her children were not alone at home. There are very interesting programs, but families have to pick up their children daily so they don’t meet the requirements.
As for Ms. Thu Hang (Cau Giay, Hanoi), after 2 months of searching, she still could not find a satisfactory summer camp. Because with her, an ideal summer camp, first of all, must be an attractive program, which helps children to experience and gain more knowledge other than books and classrooms. “Summer is the time when the child temporarily put aside books to relax, so I want my child to develop more life skills and discover other hobbies and passions of himself. After summer camp, my child must be more confident and more energetic for a new school year. But summer camps are now …. too much knowledge-base”– Ms. Hang shared.

Therefore, the problem of “finding a summer camp for children” still goes on with the parents from this summer to other summers.

Help your child experience the true summer at Sunshine Summer Ever Summer Camp.

In the summer of 2019, many parents found answers at Sunshine Summer Ever Summer Camp of Sunshine Maple Bear International Primary School.

This June, Sunshine Summer Ever will help students experience the best summer in a rewarding summer camp with lots of exciting activities. Attending the summer camp, students will embark on exciting projects related to four areas: Discovery, Science, Music, Drama and Magic. Besides, STEM and sports activities will take place throughout 4 weeks of summer camp. Students study swimming from 2 – 3 hours per week at the school’s four-season swimming pool. In addition, sports like basketball, dance sport will also be organized in the form of elective.

The summer program is designed by Canadian and Vietnamese experts, helping students develop language skills, creativity, communication, critical thinking, teamwork skills during the project.

At Summer Camp Sunshine Summer Ever, students are involved in projects related to the following areas: Discovery Activities, Science, Music, Drama and Magic

With 50% of content delivered in English with foreign teachers during the summer camp, children will have the opportunity to practice and improve their language skills. The lessons are not only encapsulated within the classroom campus, but also take place outside the school grounds with exciting picnic locations, helping children with rich experiences and a deep sense of the surrounding world.

Lots of parents showed interest after referring to this summer camp’s detailed study program. With only a reasonable fee, parents were able to give their children a true summer experience at a Canadian standard international summer camp. In particular, Sunshine Summer Ever Summer Camp has shuttle buses for students to the places where parents register, helping parents to resolve their concerns to follow their children during the summer activities.
Sunshine Summer Ever Summer Camp is a useful summer school for children aged 5-9 years old, taking place within 4 weeks from June 10 – July 5, 2019 at Maple Bear Sunshine International Primary School (Sunshine Riverside, Tay Ho, Hanoi).

In summer 2019, Sunshine Summer Ever Camp offers parents attractive promotions:

– Discount of 2 million dong for summer camp fees when enrolling
– Discount of 50% of summer camp fee when enrolling for elementary school – backpacks and T-shirts
For enrollment, please click on the link and fill out the information here.

Hotline: 090 154 6655