What factors make the G3 Building become the “hottest” Sunshine Garden project?

G3 building, having a perfect design embracing all internal facilities and in which entire apartment has a beautiful view, becomes the most beautiful and most attractive building in the Sunshine Garden project.

G3 building at Sunshine Garden project with view overlooking Yen So park

 A perfect design towards residents

The G3 building of Sunshine Garden project possesses many outstanding advantages to meet the needs of “spacious and luxurious residence” of well-off residents. The area of apartments from 107m2 or more is modernly designed, optimizing each living space very suitable for families with many people, multi-generational families or wishing to stay spacious. Each room in the apartments receives maximum amount of sunlight to help the living space become airy and close to nature.

With a density of only 13 units on each floor but it is arranged up to 6 civil elevators, including 1 specialized lift, 2 emergency lifts and 2 basements with an area of up to thousands of m2. They will help residents at G3 Building avoid the anxiety of waiting during rush hour. Compared to other projects in the same segment, it can be said that the Sunshine Group investor has spent a lot on infrastructure to bring the best quality of life for residents.

The rooms in each apartment receive maximum amount of sunlight

Classy and luxury Interior design brings best plus points for apartments at Sunshine Garden

Owning the most beautiful location in the project, apartments have beautiful view making a different value causing G3 Building become “hot” in the eyes of investors. Perfectly designed to surrounding the interior utilities, the north balcony apartments admire the beauty of the lush garden with European classical architecture. Art monuments are arranged in harmony between the ancient green trees and lakes, overflowing pool, combined with continuous walking paths.

Every morning, from the balcony of the apartment, residents immerse themselves into the nature with the green of the garden in front or into the colorful shimmering lights of the art fountain. This is the ideal space to organize outdoor parties with lots of aftertaste and emotions for residents on special occasions.


Green space brings a fresh atmosphere at Sunshine Garden.

The remaining apartments have a green view towards Yen So park or enjoy the inernal beauty of the sleepless city, Times City.

The investor shared: “We are rushing to complete the basic furniture in the last apartments to be available for residents in the second quarter of 2020. We, unlike many developers, have focused on developing green spaces at Sunshine Garden. Sunshine Garden, with nearly 40% of the greenery, is considered the largest “green ecology” in Hai Ba Trung District. Besides, when residents move in, they can enjoy 5-star standard utilities right at the project such as: swimming pool cluster, Sunshine Maple Bear school, Sunshine Mart, Sunshine Service, spa system, Gym, yoga and completed landscape systems.

The investor also added that the G3 building was last opened for sale, and only sold when the raw construction was completed. Therefore, they have made many customers look forward to it. Thanks to the planned and thorough investment for the “Ace” of the project, G3 building has satisfied everyone’s wait.

G3 Building, the “Ace” of Sunshine Garden

Attractive sales policy

Currently, Sunshine Group is launching many attractive sales policies so it attracts a large number of interested customers. When owning the apartment in the G3 building, the investor will give a Samsung interior package worth 250 million. Customers are entitled to 0% interest rate support package until August 2020. Especially, when buying via the Sunshine App, the investor gives away a Samsung Smartphone worth 25 million. During the complicated development of Covid -19 pandemic and difficulties in the traditional forms of sales, Sunshine Group’s solution to buy houses via Sunshine App was a breakthrough in the real estate market. All project information is updated accurately and transparently at home. Buying, making deposits or making payments are easily performed on the phone via an app.

Sunshine Garden owns a prime location of Hai Ba Trung district, about 4 km far from Hoan Kiem lake, near the Ring road 2 (Minh Khai) and straight to Vinh Tuy bridge. As planned, the north of the project site is a 30m wide road, connecting Tam Trinh road to the intersection among Minh Khai road, Vinh Tuy road and Yen Duyen road through Times City urban area, which is approved to implement by Hanoi City People’s Committee. Especially, the East of the project is located on road of Yen Duyen, Vinh Tuy and Minh Khai (linking Minh Khai street with Ring road 2.5) which has been decided to invest in by the Government and People’s Committee of Hanoi City in the form of BT (Build – Transfer contract). This is an important urban main road connecting ring roads and urban roads in the region.

Sunshine Garden, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi

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