The trend of choosing luxury apartments of the rich

Not only choosing a place to live, the rich assumes that the truly luxurious living space also brings a lot of added value over time for homeowners. Therefore, they are always strict when buying a home to ensure a convenient place on location, satisfying the needs of enjoyment, privacy, as well as bringing smiles and happiness ...

New criteria of the rich

 In early 2019, research firm Wealth-X published a report on the world’s rich – High Net Worth Handbook 2019 (whose assets from 1 to under 30 million USD). Accordingly, Vietnam is among the top 10 countries to have the fastest growth of the world’s richest people in the period of 2018-2023, with 10.1% per year

The rise of the upper class led to their changing needs towards the world standard of living, and the demand for high-class living became increasingly popular. Previously, the concept of “location” was the leading factor when buying a house, now many other factors have been more interested by buyers in choosing living space because they think the place of residence should be classy and convenient, comfort and safe not only for themself but also for the whole family.

At present, the rich are most interested in privacy. Real estate expert Aaron Kirman of John Aaroe Group which is located in Los Angeles, USA has worked with many of the richest billionaires from around the world to agree on this issue. In fact, not only the world, but also the rich in the country always put privacy and safety issues in mind when deciding to buy a home.

The rich always put top priority on the privacy and safety in making decision when buy an apartment (Photo: Sunshine City Sai Gon)

According to CBRE, the apartment purchasers are also more fastidious and careful before making a decision. Therefore, the investors have paid special attention to the progress of construction and adequate infrastructure, utilities because these are prerequisite factors in attracting purchasers.

Besides, with the explosion of technology, 4.0 utilities are indispensable in every luxury apartment. These utilities radically change the classy living space.

In Ho Chi Minh City, with a large number of foreigners who come to live and work, the segment of high-end and super-classy apartments always reaches a good absorption level, the demand for high-end product lines with different requirements on the grades also keeps increasing.

Sunshine City Sai Gon – a top choice of the upper class

In order to meet the needs of living space of the rich, domestic and foreign investors always explore, create, make up new living standards as well as set up unique and different utilities. . In order to win the hearts of giants, each investor has a different strength. Sunshine City Saigon project of Sunshine Group conquers the upper class by many rare advantages. Especially, thanks to the advantage of technology, Sunshine City Saigon is like a new breeze, blowing up the pride of the rich about a smart apartment combined with a standard smart living ecosystem.

Being located at District 7, one of the areas gathering the rick in Ho Chi Minh City, Sunshine City Sai Gon is designed with meticulous, selective characteristics with the total investment capitals up to 10,000 billion dong. This is a rare project in the area to be invested by the Investor in living space utilities in order to bring the owners the true luxury upscale 5-star quality in accordance with resort living standards.

Green and fresh living space with many trees and lot of water at Sunshine City Saigon

Sunshine Group really plays the high and mighty when designing gardens hanging alternately on the high floors of some apartment buildings. With the current trend of green living, this hanging garden system shall help harmonize living space, bring comfort to homeowners, and also a solution to save energy. And while some high-end projects are only 1.5m wide, long and narrow, very mysterious, the Sunshine Group project has a garden in the common corridor. This is something really few investors can do.

In order to satisfy demand of the rich on the maximum privacy, isolation and privacy, Sunshine City Saigon is designed with the modern safety system. Everyone who enters or exits the apartment shall be monitored from a multi-layer security system from the entrance gate to the front desk of the building, the security camera system, face recognition lift and digital video bell system at apartment door. Multi-layer security system is integrated with state-of-the-art technology, which can recognize faces and detect intruders to increase the security for homeowners.

In addition, the entrance and exit system are made of well-known European door brand which is equipped with fire protection and noise protection to ensure safety in bad cases like fire. Especially, the exterior of the building uses anti-heat, anti-UV systems to ensure a living space in harmony with nature and good for the health of the owner of each apartment.

When mentioning Sunshine Group, we can’t forget its own strength which is technology. From when real estate projects are developed, Sunshine Group exploits this factor to be the key word to pioneer in 4.0 technologies, making a huge difference in comparison with other investors. Therefore, at Sunshine City Saigon, residents will also enjoy the latest facilities related to technology.

For example, the smart resident card integrates the utilities in the apartment, allowing residents to enter and leave the building as well as public spaces, and features a bank card for residents to go for shopping and enjoying their life.

Not for usual smart homes, Sunshine City Saigon project builds up a trendy smart living ecosystem.

In addition, citizens can control equipment in the apartment via convenient Smart Home application. They can keep contact with the Investor management unit as well as call for services only via app Sunshine Home in their smart phones.

Thanks to this app, citizens can easily interact with their Investor or use other utility services such as smart parking, malfunctions repairing, maids and cleaning services, utility services, consumer shopping, …

We can conclude that thanks to what Sunshine City Saigon is aiming for, a new lifestyle in Ho Chi Minh City is expected to be created to become one of the dynamic cities in the region, where many richest businessmen and people in Vietnam.

Special preferential policy in October

The Investor is currently applying a special incentive program for customers of Sunshine City Saigon apartments in October. Specifically, customers will be given an interior package of up to 200 million dong when becoming the owner of an apartment in this project. In addition, attractive incentive policies for fast payment customers are also applied in this phase.

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