Why is the G3 building attractive to customers?

Till the last term of sale opening to prepare for handing over apartments for customers, Sunshine group “releases” a fund of apartments with huge area in G3 building- Sunshine Garden smart green project. This is considered to be the precious ace of the project; and right at the sale opening event, a lot of transactions are set successfully.

 What makes special attraction of the G3 Building? According to specialists’ evaluations, the 5 reasons below make the value of these apartments.

Apartments with huge area are standard for a luxury life

Nowadays, to high society class, housing is not merely for living, but also a place to show off their high class as well as help them to enjoy a perfect and equanimity life. It seems to be “reserved only” for the rich in Hanoi, Sunshine Garden uses the whole G3 building, which is close to inner city, only 4km far from Guom Lake and takes us about 15 minutes to come to develop apartments with the area of over 100 m2.

The G3 Building of Sunshine Garden project owns a fund of apartments with unusual huge area in inner city

The level of apartments is from their smart design which is calculated carefully so that each member has both their private space and the connection with their family members. Each apartment is designed with 3 or 4 bedrooms equipped with interior from a vast of valuable brands in the world.

It seems to penetrate luxury owners’ feeling, apart from the living room, bedroom, kitchen, each apartment in G3 Building takes a large space for multifunctional room like clothes room, sport room, etc. which satisfy fashion passion or exercise right at their own apartments.

A peace green living space

Apartments in the G3 building not only satisfy living needs in a spacious, airy and “standardly luxury” space of residents, but also bring about a desirable and fresh space with nature.

Most of the apartments own their views toward the project’s central area of the project which is designed like a European garden right in the inner city with a space covered with green and arranged harmoniously with art sculpture and lake, combining with walking routes which is uninterrupted and luxury.

Green trees are not only fully grown outsides of project’s campus and attic gardens by the investors, they are also focused on developing in the middle and top areas of the building. Community living garden system right on the main floors is the highlight to make Sunshine garden become distinct.

Green trees fully covering the central core of Sunshine Garden project bring about a fresh life.

Especially, with the centralized infrastructure and green ecosystem in the internal area, Sunshine Garden minimizes toxic emissions from means of transport from outsides, brings about a fresh and clean living space for the residents.

Converging series of high class facilities

With the purpose of fully meeting residents’ needs, Sunshine Group develops the whole Sunshine Garden project with the closed compound paradigm including series of facilities: shophouse, shopping mall, amusement park, cinema, swimming pool with the five-star standard, health care area, school, community library, food area, restaurants, etc.

Particularly, most of these facilities are in the G3 building (taking up to 5 floors to set up and build up facility system), therefore, within a distance of some steps, the residents are served every life need immediately.

Applying 4.0 technology to manage and operate the project.

Developed by investors having the strength of technology-Sunshine Group, Sunshine Garden converge a great number of 4.0 technology applications into each apartment.

Accordingly, video door phone system allows residents to take video conversation with their guests at the lobby; elevator system uses selective technology; the system informs blank parking lot using image and license plate identity technology, which enables residents to book parking lot and also locate precisely where your car is via a mobile app, etc.

Almighty resident card is one of smart technologies provided for Sunshine Garden’s residents.

Not to mention, camera system using face identity technology will monitor all people in and out the projects to assure the strict security.

Moreover, applying technology of Sunshine Group with a great number of features: calling for repairing service, calling for house helpers, cleaning, shopping, etc. via Sunshine Home App; Sunshine Pay e-wallet, smart resident card (integrated with car ticket, security card, bank card, etc.), etc. All help every need of Sunshine Garden’s residents become easier and more convenient.

Apartments with competitive price and lots of attractive favors.

In spite of owning numerous dominances of a green, smart and high-class project, the price of a Sunshine Garden’s apartment is evaluated to be very competitive. Not only that, the investor gives customers several of attractive favors like:  giving a management service package within 2 years and a separated interior package with the value of 250 million Vietnamese dong when buying apartments in G3 building.

If customers are in demand, they will be supported in loan up to 75% of apartment’s price by Sunshine garden’s partner in the period of 25 years from the disbursement time. To be more worthy to say, with above loan, the buyers are supported with the interest of 0% to June 30, 2020.

In the context that the fund of beautiful apartment with large area is getting fewer, the appearance of apartment fund in G3 building – Sunshine Garden gets a huge care of investors along with customers. With good favor policies from investors, specialists consider it an ideal time for customers to “spend money” on owning the most luxury and spacious apartments in the South East area of this city.

Details about Sunshine Garden project:

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