Why are the apartments about to be handed over always sold out?

Due to real demand and avoidance of unnecessary risks during the construction process of the project, currently, customers have a tendency to choose apartments which are about to be handed over for direct verification of their qualities.

Choosing apartments to be handed over to “spend money”: A new trend of customers

Nowadays, apartments are becoming more and more popular with Vietnamese people, especially young family apartments in big cities. As more and more apartment projects of different segments are launched to meet the demands of diverse social classes, the real estate market also becomes active. Each project has its own advantages and strengths to entice customers right from the beginning of construction. However, according to experts, currently, customers have changed. They often choose apartments which are about to be handed over to “spend money” so that they can immediately “move in” without having to wait.

The projects about to be handed over are getting more and more favored as customers can “see first-hand, touch first-hand” and get the properties soon.

Sharing this opinion, Mrs. Hong Hanh (Director of a private company), who is looking for an apartment in My Dinh area, said: “We are introduced to many projects which sound quite attractive. However, it takes several years to receive the apartment from the time of deposit. After carefully considering, eventually, my husband and I decided to buy an apartment that was about to be handed over so that we can quickly receive it and move in. Moreover, when buying such project, we are able to check the quality of the project”.

In fact, there are more and more customers who share the same thoughts as Mrs. Hong Hanh’s family, as customers are often afraid of slow apartment handover, difference between housing quality and advertising, changes of utilities and services compared with the initial commitment, etc. in case they cannot find a reputable and appropriate. These concerns cause customers to increasingly prefer the project to be handed over when they choose a place of long-term settlement.

With the established projects, customers can “see first-hand, touch first-hand”, easily verifying if the quality of the works is commensurate with the price of money they paid and the initial commitment. Living environment, utility infrastructure system, service quality, etc. which are present obviously will also help customers make the best choices for themselves in choosing a place to settle and work.

Which is the wise choice of customers?

Being a part in the development of this trend, the current real estate market in My Dinh area is considered as one of the destinations which attracts successful civilized communities with many big projects “sprouting up”. However, it is still realizable that apartments that are about to be handed over are the first to be “targeted” by customers. Among them is the prominent Sunshine Center project.

On Sunshine Center’s purchase, you just need to move your suitcase right in (Image of the sample apartment’ kitchen)

It is known that Sunshine Center has become the center which attracts customers right from the beginning of construction. For now, this project is in the last stage of completing final details to be handed over to customers. With what has been shown in practice, Sunshine Center is the hottest name in this area with high liquidity.

Mr. Hung and his wife have visited the project to survey. What makes his family most satisfied is the modern design of the apartments whose width is over 100m2, all of which are equipped with 5-star classy furniture as introduced earlier. By observation, his wife is quite impressed with the relaxing, airy living space, services and utilities. He said that after first-hand seeing, touching like this and ordering Sunshine Center, his whole family was assured and eager to wait for the day of moving to his new home.

The luxurious and trendy design of the apartments with their large area help Sunshine Center become an ideal residence for upper-class families.


As noted at the project, Sunshine Center satisfies the most demanding customers with its real products. Each floor of the project has only 6-7 apartments but 3 elevators and is separated between the systems for residential and office blocks to create the greatest comfort and privacy for residents. Observing every smallest details, customers are all satisfied as Sunshine is always careful in selecting reputable brands to complete its apartments the best: Kohler bathroom and sanitary equipment, multi-split air-conditioning system of Mitsubishi, the leading brands in the market, glass doors, Eurowindow aluminum glass walls, Woodsland door system, etc.

5-star classy furniture which is beautiful in every detail is one of the factors helping Sunshine Center score in the hearts of customers

Sunshine Center also scores with customers when providing services, entertainment forms, shopping centers such as S-Café, luxury restaurant chains, beer club, experimental garden, sky bar, 5-star tea room, etc. It is also meticulous to invest in utilities which serve the daily needs of residents such as: General health training area (Yoga, Gym – Fitness, Spa – Beauty Salon, etc.), swimming pool, international preschool, supermarket, showroom displaying Italian furniture, etc. This is also a rare building using a 5-layer security system, including: Gateway security, Basement security (parking lot), Check in home, Check in service, Check in at the elevator to ensure safety, which gives residents the perfect security.

It can be said that by real results, the crystallization of the Conscience and the Vision, combination of modern design styles, high-class materials and the delicate construction process, has created a Sunshine Center, the optimal choice for a trendy and classy life.