5-star standard apartment, a masterpiece in the heart of Hanoi

As a modern living space that also provides convenient hotel services, the Premier Suites apartments of KSFinance Hanoi offer an ultimate experience to the upper class when all of their needs are swiftly and precisely met.

Statistics have shown a rapid increase in the number of the rich and super-rich in Vietnam in recent years. As a result, this upper class has demanded stricter requirements on their living environment’s quality. Many CEOs, the new generation of global entrepreneurs, are living an extremely busy day with back-to-back meetings with partners, casual meet-ups, and million-dollar deals. They have to make every minute or second count. With a day being squeezed up, their top desire is living in an all-in-one accommodation. Not only should it be a high-end and modern apartment, this place is also required to offer hotel-standard services to satisfy its resident’s needs.

Demonstrating the law of supply and demand, such an ideal living space is rising up in the most expensive area of the Capital. These apartments, equipped with the most luxurious amenities, is Sunshine Finance Hanoi project – Vietnam’s first 4.0 financial center. This magnificent building is more than just a place to live in. Its high-end apartments include luxury facilities and services, with perfection going into the smallest detail. The 5-star standards would make any resident feel like a great Emperor every day.

Sunshine Finance Hanoi project – the provider of luxurious and trendy Prime Suites apartments

Aiming to build an ideal place for living, working, entertaining, and relaxation for global business-people, Sunshine Finance Hanoi, the 4.0 financial center, offers a system of premium offices, an international trade center, and a 6-star luxury hotel. In addition, it also provides a collection of luxury Prime Suites hotel apartments.

These apartments offer two ideal functions at the same time: a modern living space and a comfortable hotel facility. This will be the perfect accommodation for foreign experts and successful business-people working at either Sunshine Finance Hanoi Financial Center or locations around the capital.

The Prime Suites apartments offer a spectacular view and luxurious interior and services.

Prime Suites apartments are designed with international standards and modern style. Each apartment is taken care of to the smallest details. The apartment system will be operated and managed by a professional vendor to ensure the most comfortable daily experience.

Sunshine Finance Hanoi offers multiple types of apartments, each with its own unique features

Another plus for the suites is an exclusive view of the spacious area above and around the Red River. Residents can also enjoy a high-class golf course or the panoramic view of the vibrant city. All apartments have natural light and blend in with nature thanks to the modern glass wall system. Hence, each apartment still has its own private space. The owner can both utilize the open space to watch the blue sky and white clouds, and have moments to themselves in their own “oasis”.

After a tiring day at work, surely anyone would want to go home and relax in this ideal space.

Aiming to serve the elite from all over the world, the Sunshine Finance Hanoi hotel apartment is a combination of ultimate facilities that perfectly meet the strict requirements of the international upper class. These include swimming pools, fitness clubs, restaurants, shops, 24/7 services, etc. The investor also prioritizes green spaces with a system of tropical gardens. Guests can also enjoy the natural space in the middle of the sky when visiting the sky garden.

Sunshine Finance Hanoi offers various luxurious 5-star facilities

Sunshine Finance Hanoi is one of Vietnam’s first three 4.0 financial centers developed by Sunshine Homes, distributed and advised by KSFinance Group. In the future, Sunshine Finance Hanoi aims to be on the list of Top 100 Global Financial Centers published by prestigious international organizations.

KSFinance Group is known as a developer, investment consultant, and financial consultant. They are pioneers in providing a breakthrough 4.0 investment and financial solution system, as well as creating the leading position of a global financial institution. Meanwhile, Sunshine Homes, a real estate brand of Sunshine Group, has long become a leading brand, solidifying their foundations by a series of high-end projects which impress and attract customers.

The collaboration between Sunshine Homes and KSFinance Group shall bring breakthroughs to the real estate and financial markets of Vietnam. Not only focusing on Sunshine Finance Hanoi, in the future, the aforementioned entities will develop a chain of financial centers located in Vietnam’s economic hot spots, such as Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, etc. They are expected to become regional cash flow centers, helping establish a smart network for international monetary and financial activities.


Sunshine Finance Hanoi, The 4.0 Financial Center developed by Sunshine Homes, The creator of trendy lifestyles, and its strategic partners:

Distributor and Investment – Finance consultant: KSFinance Group

Technology platform and solution provider: Unicloud Group

Constructor: Smart Construction (SCG)

Media: ODE Group

Hotline: 1900633566