Great experience with the “dream” apartment Sunshine Garden

“High-class living space”, “4.0 modern apartments”, “a place to live” ... are the nice words from customers to talk about the model apartment of G3 building of Sunshine Garden project.

The unique experience
On November 30, 2019, in the Sunshine Garden project area (Duong Van Be, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi), Sunshine Group held the launching ceremony of the model apartment of G3 building – the most beautiful building in Sunshine Garden. The event is held outdoors in a romantic, shimmering space in the middle of a green nature of the core of Sunshine Garden.

In addition to seeing the model apartment, the guests also enjoyed colorful music and light feasts, delicious food and breath of fresh air, feeling the poetic feeling, tranquility of the morning garden. Thanks to that, the event has attracted a lot of customer attention and “conquered” the most picky guests. The proof is that at the program, many transactions have been closed successfully, many apartments of the G3 building in particular and Sunshine Garden in general have owners.

At the launching ceremony, Mrs. Dao Nguyet Minh – Sales Manager of Sunshine Garden Project, representative of Sunshine Group said: “Up to now, the project has started to hand over apartments to customers to move in. We always want to give our customers a peaceful but modern, luxurious and sophisticated living space. A safe place for everyone to come back after a long day of hard work, pressure, smoke and pollution.”

Mrs. Dao Minh Nguyet – Sales Manager of Sunshine Garden Project shared at the launching ceremony of G3 apartment apartments.

Sunshine Garden project has created its own attraction right from the start of construction. In particular, G3 building is like the most expensive trump card of the Sunshine Garden project. Apartments in the building with an area of ​​3-4 bedrooms are suitable for family. All apartments have green living space, luxury, beautiful views and convergence of high-class utilities, powered by modern 4.0 technology.

In particular, Sunshine Garden is like “early morning in the garden” with 40% of the area dedicated to greenery giving customers a fresh and relaxing living space. And when night falls, the morning garden becomes a vibrant garden with art overflowing waterfall, or colorful shimmer decorated in detail, meticulous and sophisticated in luxurious European style. Along with French architectural features, customers will see the image of a lovely Metropole right in their living space.

Colorful outdoor party, sound and lighting at Sunshine Garden

Besides, the outstanding feature of Sunshine Garden compared to other projects in the same segment in the market today is the closed compound model. Because it is very “rare” to have a housing project near the city center with this model (about 4 km from Hoan Kiem Lake). Residents of Sunshine Garden do not have to go far, but they will enjoy the facilities right in their living space such as: Community library, swimming pool, international standard kindergarten Sunshine Maple Bear, … It can be said, Sunshine Group has established an ecosystem to serve the needs of the residents.

Mrs. Hoang Phuong (in Hoang Hoa Tham, Hanoi) was excited after visiting the model apartment, she said: “This is the “dream” apartment of me and my family. This housing project has attracted me since it started. I was eager to wait until today to see for myself, experience this apartment in person, as well as modern living space here. With this location, my husband and I easily move to work, take our children to school every morning. Moreover, compared to the price of apartments in the same segment, I find that in Sunshine Garden customers benefit a lot more times. And with nothing to stop, I decided to deposit immediately to own one of the apartments of Sunshine Garden.”


Many apartments of Sunshine Garden already have owners

“Receiving” valuable gifts
At the launching ceremony, in addition to experiencing great utilities from the Project, customers also have the opportunity to receive many special gifts of the program. Sunshine Group has awarded to the 5 luckiest customers successfully depositing the apartment from November 18 to the present with a total gift value of up to VND 200 million. In addition, 20 loyal customers participating in the launch of model apartment the G3 building of Sunshine Garden Project will also receive a gift worth VND 1,000,000.

Lucky customers received the Grand Prize from Sunshine Group

If customers are still looking for a new, modern green living space with smart gadgets, luxurious services … then Sunshine Garden will be the perfect choice in the time near the Lunar New Year 2020.
Implemented by: Vu Van