Experiencing technology 4.0 in Sunshine Center’s model apartment

The event "Experiencing technology 4.0 in Sunshine Center Project" gave Capital residents an opportunity to visit and visually experience a Smart Home apartment applied to Smart Living, the trend of smart home of the future.

In the morning of October 27, on the first floor of Sunshine Center, located at No. 16A Pham Hung Street, Hanoi, Sunshine Group organized an event called Experiencing technology 4.0 in project‘s model apartment. This is an event held by the investor to help homebuyers in particular and citizens in general know what a smart apartment is and catch up with the new trend of the era of technology 4.0. The experience session attracted a large number of capital residents to taking part in. They were all amazed and excited by what Sunshine Group displayed in its trendy and hi-tech apartment.

The event of Experiencing technology 4.0 at Sunshine Center attracted a large number of guests to taking part in

Amazed by smart technologies in the Smart Home – Smart Living Apartment

Attending the event very early, Mr. Ngoc Minh, Ms. Anh Tuyet and their family excitedly visited and experienced everything in the model apartment of Sunshine Center. When being asked about her feelings, Ms. Tuyet excitedly shared: “I have abundantly heard about information of Smart Home – Smart Living apartments introduced by Sunshine Group but I do not fully understand the differences between the project of Sunshine Group and regular Smart Home apartments. Today, coming here, seeing the apartment, touching every device myself, I am surprised and find it extremely interesting. It is ideal to live in such space with all conveniences. My husband and I are going to buy housing; and when seeing the smart apartment of Sunshine Center, the two sons of us show their interest in this apartment, just urging us to buy this apartment”

Guests were visiting the model apartment, touching technology applications integrated in the apartment

Several guests shared that they were amused, interested, and impressed when attending this event. The model apartment of the project has proved superior features to win hearts of the most demanding customers. Unlike the regular Smart Home, Sunshine Center scores by new, modern and advance applications and chain of smart solution that may    serve residents from A to Z. Additionally, not only being installed automatic machines that are sold variously on the market, but also Smart Home accompanied by Smart Living of Sunshine Center “comprehends” homeowners, serving homeowners in accordance with their habit, emotion and demand.

Experiencing all technology applications by themselves, all guests were impressed by the intelligence of the trendy apartment of Sunshine Center

Technology support homeowners at a maximum level. When coming home, homeowners are supported at max via Smart Lock System; specifically, they may open door in various ways such as using fingerprint, ID, magnetic cards, face recognition or app. When they enter in to their apartments, all lighting, air-conditioning and curtain systems are automatically turned on to welcome their owners. Almost all customers showed their interest in voice controlled technology, which enhances convenience, closeness and emotion to their homes

Ms. Nguyen Thi Bich Ngoc – the Project Director was making a presentation at the event

Most importantly, the owners of apartments may set Smart Home scenarios based on their preferences, tastes, and daily activities for the devices in their homes. It is known that at the Sunshine Center project, each apartment has been integrated with a series of items including, video doorbells, curtains, air conditioners, sensors, electricity meter, water meter, lighting system, water heaters, etc. controlled by a unique application. Especially, every item is meticulously selected and executed by Sunshine Group, which makes it very different from regular Smart Home apartments on the existing market.

Guests satisfied with all items from smallest items because they bring them a life with all conveniences and luxuriousness

Phát biểu tại sự kiện, bà Nguyễn Bích Ngọc, Giám đốc dự án Sunshine Center chia sẻ: ”.Khi bắt tay xây dựng một dự án, điều đầu tiên chúng tôi hướng đến không phải là sẽ bán được bao nhiêu căn hộ, thu về bao nhiêu lợi nhuận, mà đó là làm thế nào để mọi cư dân sống tại Sunshine Homes được Hạnh Phúc. Đó cũng là lý do mà Sunshine Center, cũng như tất cả các dự án khác của Tập đoàn Sunshine, ngoài kiến trúc tinh tế, hệ thống tiện ích đỉnh cao, chúng tôi còn dành nhiều tâm huyết đầu tư các trang thiết bị, nội thất hiện đại cũng như ứng dụng các công nghệ thông minh, hiện đại bậc nhất

Ms. Nguyen Thi Bich Ngoc, the Director of Sunshine Center Project shared at the event: “When starting a project, the first thing we aim to do is not how many apartments can we sell, how much profit can we get, but how to make every resident of Sunshine Homes happy. That is the reason why we devote a lot of efforts to invest to install modern furniture and the smartest technology applications beyond create delicate architecture and  high-class facilities”

A life of high-class and conveniences for capital residents in the building of light and technology

It is known that Sunshine Center is located in 16A, Pham Hung. With a favorable location that is very convenient in term of traffic, Sunshine Center is considered as the most luxurious living place in the center of My Dinh. Especially, all demand of residents can be fully satisfied right in the internal area of the project.

A customer was setting up a scenario on Sunshine Home App for an apartment. 


Just stepping away from the world of private apartments, residents can enjoy the trendy 5-star chain of facilities right at the foot of the building such as Club bar, Skyview cafe, outdoor pool, shopping mall, gym, spa, luxurious Asian – European restaurant, etc.

In addition, the expensive plus point of the project is the spacious space at each apartment. Smart apartments with large areas ranging from 110 to 170m2, with three rooms and above are meticulously calculated and designed to ensure that each member has absolute privacy but still has a living place shared with the whole family.

Furthermore, Low-E window on the outside of the building not only make the become building luxury, classy but also make each apartment get more natural light and spaces of apartment become more spacious.

Mr.Duong Thu- General Director of Sunhome Viet Nam Real Estate Joint Stock Company.

As a reputable real estate developer and distributor of real estate projects in Vietnam, Sunhome Vietnam Real Estate Joint Stock Company highly appreciates what Sunshine Center offers to its customers. This is also the reason why this company chose Sunshine Center project to directly introduce to its customers with the desire to bring the most ideal living space for urban residents.

At the event of Experiencing Technology 4.0 held by Sunshine Group, Mr. Duong Thu – General Director of Sunhome Vietnam Real Estate Joint Stock Company said: “We have thoroughly researched the market as well as the Sunshine Center project. What has impressed us most is that the investor only constructs 208 apartments in the large floor area of 76,250 m2. The lowest population density in the market and a rich, civilized community are greatly appreciated in this project by us.”

As Mr. Thu said, another plus point of Sunshine Center is the led-technology lighting system that is currently considered the most modern and advance one.

“It is known that Sunshine Center is one of the very few projects that are designed to have Led light cover the whole building in Hanoi. With the splendid beauty at night, we often say in a comparison manner that Sunshine Center is the “Beauty queen” of real estate in My Dinh area “- Representative of the distribution center of Sunshine Center project said.

It can be said that Sunshine Center may provide customers with a living space that is spacious, luxury, satisfying all demand of customer in the central area of Hanoi that can be provided by any other units.