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Real Estate
Sunshine Group “shakes hand” with technology giant Samsung, materializing a desire to raise Vietnam real estate.
On December 9, 2019, at Sunshine Center headquarters (16 Pham Hung, Hanoi) Sunshine Group officially signed a cooperation agreement with Samsung Vina Electronics Co., Ltd. (belonging to Samsung Korea Group) with the aim of applying modern and smart technologies to the developing Sunshine Group housing projects to bring different experiences to customers.
Sunshine Group
Sunshine Group congratulates Vietnam on becoming the Champion in a “unique” way.
After making a magnificent winning in the final match of SEA Games 30, Vietnam gains the golden medal for the first time. In the capital city of Hanoi, a series of Sunshine group’s buildings all experience a “sleepless night” with colorful Vietnamese flags as a way of “celebrating on the street vibrantly” for Vietnam’s champion.
Many buildings of Sunshine Group were awash with red nation flag, cheering Vietnam before SEA Games 30 final match
After 10 years of waiting, U22 Vietnam officially named themselves in historical football match: Final match of SEA Games 30. Cheering for the “golden star warriors”, Buildings of Sunshine Group in prime locations of Capital city were awash with by national flag and the word “Come on Vietnam”.
Real Estate
The era of high-leveled apartment: Big house with large garden in the middle of the sky are hard to believe but they are real
In the time when “an inch of soil is an inch of gold”, having an urban living space that can adapt to the requirement of modernity, convenience but also spacy and relaxing with garden… truly become the wish which does not come true easily.
Real Estate
Lavish apartment of the rich, every small corner is “pretty as a picture”
Arriving at the expensive Sunshine City apartment, the living space of the upper class, people will surely be overwhelmed by a perfect place in every detail which has a splendid, regal and modern beauty.
Real Estate
The rich in Saigon is about to welcome resort 4.0 apartment complex in the center of District 4
In addition to the riverside"5-star resorts" urban are that are "shaking" in District 7, Sunshine Group will continue to spend thousands of billion dong on a more luxurious super product named Sunshine Horizon. Located right in the heart of District 4, this will be the only Resort 4.0 apartment complex in the center of Saigon.
Real Estate
Let’s come Nha Trang’s miniature paradise now to see how luxurious is a class A celebrity’s vacation
Perhaps everyone has ever wished to experience life as A-class stars, enjoying expensive, and classy vacations.
Real Estate
Investors invested hundreds of billion dong to “erase” unkempt balcony in Saigon
99% apartment’s balcony in Saigon is used as a place to hang clothes or to put air conditioner’s condensing unit instead of using as relaxing space.
Great experience with the “dream” apartment Sunshine Garden
“High-class living space”, “4.0 modern apartments”, “a place to live” ... are the nice words from customers to talk about the model apartment of G3 building of Sunshine Garden project.
Real Estate
Loss in the European garden in the center of peaceful Hanoi …
The green canopy with shimmering lights and the open natural landscape of Sunshine Garden are like an enchanting picture that makes one easily think of a “Metropole” in the heart of Hai Ba Trung District , Hanoi. .