Enjoy a European-style beer festival in Sunshine City

In the exciting atmosphere of the beer festival named "Amazing Journey Sunshine Beer Festival" which will take place on October 27 at Sunshine City project (Nam Thang Long urban area, Hanoi), customers will not only can enjoy delicious beer but also receive many meaningful gifts.

Why are big beer festivals always so appealing?

For those who are beer lovers or love to explore the culture and cuisine of the countries in the world, everyone knows Oktoberfest, the world largest beer festival.

Oktoberfest, also known as “October Festival” takes place in the city of Munich (Germany). This festival has been held 185 times and is the oldest beer festival in the world. Oktoberfest gathers many giant beer tents, food stalls, entertainment areas for everyone to enjoy the festive atmosphere. The Germans will wear Bavarian costumes, and visitors toast different type of beers and wish others good things. Beer at the festival is sweet and contains less CO2 than conventional types.

Oktoberfest is the oldest beer festival in the world (Photo: Internet)

Besides Oktoberfest, there are some world famous beer festivals such as: Great American Beer Festival (USA), Mondial de la Bière (Canada), Qingdao International Beer Festival (China) …

At the Great American Beer Festival, Americans can taste more than 3,500 different types of beer in a period of 4 and a half hour. A special highlight of the festival is the unique craft beer culture.

At Mondial de la Bière – Canada’s largest beer festival, lasts for 5 days gathers together more than 120 domestic and foreign brewers. Coming to the festival, visitors will enjoy special traditional beers of Canada served with grilled dishes from bison, deer, even kangaroo.

In China, in every August, famous breweries around the world will gather for the Qingdao International Beer Festival. On the beautiful beaches in Qingdao, the competition of drinking beer, singing karaoke and parade ……create a vivid atmosphere.

A European-style beer festival at Sunshine City

Along with the integration of the world culture, many big and small beer festivals have been held in Vietnam. Today’s beer festival is not only a place for people to freely enjoy their favorite drink, but also a place to celebrate the culture and cuisine of the regions, enjoy art programs, Indian music. At the same time, it is also the event for brands to connect with their customers.

So Sunshine Group organized a beer festival named “Amazing Journey Sunshine Beer Festival” in a unique European space at Sunshine City project (Nam Thang Long urban area, Hanoi).

“Amazing Journey Sunshine Beer Festival” is scheduled to be held on October 27 in Sunshine City (Hanoi).

Inspired by Oktoberfest, the beer festival “Amazing Journey Sunshine Beer Festival” promises to bring an exciting party in a luxurious, upper class European space in the middle of Hanoi autumn. At the festival, customers can delight in enjoying the best beers and “party” hard with exciting and appealing mini-games, shows and DJs.

Sunshine Group’s representative said: Through the beer festival, the investor wishes to create a weekend entertainment destination for customers, helping Sunshine City become a vibrant, bustling amusement park but still retains the luxury and class. At the same time, with fun and exciting activities in the event, “Amazing Journey Sunshine Beer Festival” will contribute to raise customers’ emotions and feeling about the project.

Not only enjoying beer, mingling with luxurious European space, customers also have the opportunity to participate in the lucky draw program with a total value of up to 210 million VND. In particular, customers have the opportunity to attend the world’s largest beer festival Oktoberfest with a special prize is a tour of German autumn worth 80 million.

Being located in Nam Thang Long urban area, with views of the Red River, West Lake and expensive Ciputra golf course, Sunshine City with fine design and 5-star utility system deserves a “holiday paradise” right in the centre of Hanoi.

Sunshine City – the project is generating great buzz in the Ciputra area

When attending the “Amazing Journey Sunshine Beer Festival”, customers will experience the green living space with modern European architecture in Sunshine City and explore 2 high-rise and low-rise zones, located in three city gates with the shape of the Arc de Triomphe. While the high-rise towers of Sunshine City with the vivid beauty shows off the prosperous life of New York style, the low-rise villa complex with intricate carvings reminds people of Beautiful Paris or a romantic French Quarter right in the centre of Hanoi.

In addition to the system of green utilities with Landscape cores, walking paths, fountains, internal greenery …, Sunshine City also attracts customers by owning a 5-star utility chain. Applying intelligent, modern management technology offers potential settlement and investment opportunities for customers and investors.

With the increasing attraction of Sunshine City, many customers decided to buy apartments and villas with many attractive incentive programs and prize packages up to hundreds of millions of investors.


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