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Admiring the technology villa with Mediterranean architecture Sunshine Wonder Villas
On the symphonic background, amidst sunshine and wind, delicate and charming constructions with high arches and lavender garden ... the images that seem to be only seen in films about royal life are now displayed at Sunshine Wonder Villas - a collection of technology villas with Mediterranean style - a place to write a legend of relaxation right in the heart of Hanoi.
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Buying a home for Tet: Where to choose an apartment to find good fortune?
A good apartment in terms of fengshui apart from its beautiful location, spacious and well-ventilated space also has to ensure some spiritual factors. Grasping this mentality, many investors have launched sales policies, choosing lucky numbers such as 8 and 6 with the expectation of bringing a prosperous life to the owner.
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Besides Phu Quoc, what is the new hot spot for resort investment in Vietnam?
Being blessed with the most beautiful beaches on the planet, Nha Trang with its planning policy is gradually occupying the "throne", becoming a hot spot for resort investment in Vietnam.
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Explaining the attraction of the launching event of Sunshine Homes real estate resort
The careful and professional investment and preparation from the majestic stages combined with the participation of many celebrities have made up of the success and great spreading of the launching event of Sunshine Homes real estate resort of Sunshine Group.
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Experiencing technology 4.0 in Sunshine Center’s model apartment
The event "Experiencing technology 4.0 in Sunshine Center Project" gave Capital residents an opportunity to visit and visually experience a Smart Home apartment applied to Smart Living, the trend of smart home of the future.
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Sunshine Group continues to affirm its position with a new project in Western Hanoi
Western Hanoi is considered to be the Capital’s new growth pole with metro lines expected to come into operation in April 2021 and the first F1 race held in April 2020. This market will get more active with the emergence of a project considered to be a new architectural symbol in Thanh Xuan District.
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Sunshine Group is about to officially launch the 2 product lines of luxury resort real estate
With the aim to “create trendy lifestyle”, conquer the elite group of Vietnam, in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Sunshine Homes will officially launch duo product lines of luxury technology resort: Sunshine Marina - Multi-experience complex resort and Sunshine Premier - Inner-city resort.
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Review the projects that make a name for Sunshine Homes in Hanoi
Meeting strict requirements for quality, sophisticated architectural design as well as state-of-the-art facilities, not only are Sunshine Homes real estate products opted for by customers and investors but it is also one of the most trusted brands in Asia.
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Follow Hanoi, Sunshine Marina Nha Trang Bay continues being released in Ho Chi Minh City
Fierce spirit of thousands of sales in Ho Chi Minh City with a “bulk” of investment from Owners made the ceremony of releasing Sunshine Marina Nha Trang Bay Resort extremely monumental and full of felling.