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“Luxurious life with wide living space” – new trend for the rich who knows how to enjoy life
With the number if the rich in Vietnam is increasing dramatically, the trend of “luxurious life with wide living space” is becoming popular gradually.
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Projects with the investment of trillions Vietnamese dong in utility development in Saigon South area
Many high-end projects in the South are invested by the investors with thousands of billion Vietnamese dong to develop the landscape and utilities.
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At the end of the year, Hanoi residents hunt for classy apartments to celebrate for Tet
Atmosphere of sales at real estate transactions in Hanoi for last days of the year is pretty eventful. Among a series of deployed and deploying projects around Hai Ba Trung area, housing buyers give priority to choose projects which were transferred or are going to be transferred because they can see clearly and inspect the construction’s quality.
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How has technology and the Millennial generation changed the resort real estate development mindset?
Known as the "Millennial Generation" in the press as well as global research papers, those born during 1980-1998 now account for 32% of the earth's population. This is the main customer segment which has a strong influence on most business sectors, especially the Tourism - Resort industry.
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The time of the sky “resort” apartments
In 2019, the real-estate market is developing dramatically. This is the time that creative ideas are constantly being formed, making the products "unique".
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The attraction of the project on the most beautiful route of Nha Trang beach city
Tran Phu Street, known as the most beautiful road in Nha Trang, locats near Nha Trang beach and seems to never sleep. Eventful living tempo here becomes nosier when an internationally high rank super resort project is going to appear with 1001 integrated utilities of Integrated Resort in the near future.
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In the heart of Ha Thanh, the rich is still tired of looking for a place to settle down
In the past, people still thought that only those who were not rich enough had to concern about buying a place in the middle of the rich and expensive Ha Thanh. But in reality, rich people nowadays, even many of them, are still looking for a place to settle down.
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Admiring the technology villa with Mediterranean architecture Sunshine Wonder Villas
On the symphonic background, amidst sunshine and wind, delicate and charming constructions with high arches and lavender garden ... the images that seem to be only seen in films about royal life are now displayed at Sunshine Wonder Villas - a collection of technology villas with Mediterranean style - a place to write a legend of relaxation right in the heart of Hanoi.
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Buying a home for Tet: Where to choose an apartment to find good fortune?
A good apartment in terms of fengshui apart from its beautiful location, spacious and well-ventilated space also has to ensure some spiritual factors. Grasping this mentality, many investors have launched sales policies, choosing lucky numbers such as 8 and 6 with the expectation of bringing a prosperous life to the owner.
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Besides Phu Quoc, what is the new hot spot for resort investment in Vietnam?
Being blessed with the most beautiful beaches on the planet, Nha Trang with its planning policy is gradually occupying the "throne", becoming a hot spot for resort investment in Vietnam.