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Selling houses in Covid-19 period: Technology occupies the “throne”
To avoid spreading the disease and minimize the risk of Corona virus infection due to direct contact, many people in need of housing have chosen the safe method of buying houses online. Therefore, selling houses through the App has brought positive effects to real estate businesses in Covid -19 period.
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Real estate manages to go on sales in the pandemic
Online transaction, sales via the app help some investor keep sales speed in addition to a lot of incentive programs in the complex development of the pandemic.
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“Green life, classy life” in special Babylon tower in Sunshine Group’s USD 1,2 billion project
Recently, Sunshine Group has just launched two unique "Babylon" towers with luxurious gardens and a series of high-class utilities to the market serving the needs of "green life, high-class life" of the rich in the city.
Warmly admire the glowing buildings throughout the night, encouraging the spirit of Vietnam to join hands against the Covid-19 epidemic
In Covid-19 epidemic, all streets of Hanoi were quiet, images of a series of Sunshine Homes buildings glowing all night, displaying the words of cheering spirit, joining hands with the Government and people to fight against the epidemic has spread positive messages to everyone.
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The strong return of the large area apartments
In the past few years, the condominium market in Vietnam recorded the return of large apartments after a long time almost disappeared from the market. The strong return of large-scale apartments reflects the increasing quality of life of residents when they not only choose a place to live but also choose an open, fully functional living space.
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Hot: In the Covid-19 pandemic, the real estate market exploded with the most attractive investment channel
In the context of the Covid-19 epidemic, the traditional real estate investment in the becomes difficult, the feature of investing apartments from only VND 100 million on the Sunshine App becomes the most attractive market.
Sunshine Maple Bear facilitates an interactive channel for pre-primary students during the Covid 19 epidemic
In the face of the complicated developments of the Covid 19 epidemic, in order to make children not miss the "golden" development stage before entering Grade 1, besides organizing online teaching for students at home through Zoom software and Sunshine App, in the coming time, Sunshine Maple Bear education system continues to open an Online Pre-primary Club to bring an interactive channel for pre-primary students.
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Announced the most special tower in the USD 1.2 billion project of Sunshine Group in District 7
In mid-March, Sunshine Group announced the "Babylon" tower to market located within the precinct of 5-star Sunshine Diamond River resort complex in District 7.
Sunshine Maple Bear education system “cooperates” with Tri Viet Education Group
In the afternoon of February 10, 2020, the signing ceremony of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Sunshine Maple Bear Education System and Tri Viet - Cara Education Group Joint Stock Company took place. The signing ceremony opened a good relationship and marked the first milestone in the cooperation between the two units.
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“World – shaking” on first day of 2020: Opportunity to own standard resort apartment for only VND 2,020
Customers may win the opportunity to purchase a 4.0 resort apartment along the Saigon River (Sunshine Diamond River) worth up to VND 3 billion for only VND 2,020 when successfully booking one of the two projects Sunshine Horizon and Sunshine Continental Saigon on the Sunshine Super App.