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Real Estate
Sunshine City Saigon extends the “international boulevard” in the South Saigon area
With the advantage of synchronous living environment, lots of rivers and trees, low population density suitable to the needs of relaxation and rest of foreigners. Foreign residents in District 7, TP. HCM has formed the largest international community in Vietnam.
Real Estate
Real estate in Saigon South has never been “hot”
With the vision of becoming a key area of the city, according to experts, in the next 2 years, South Saigon - especially District 7 will rise and be the “magnet” attracting the customers and investors in real estate business.
Real Estate
Enjoy the resort lifestyle at your home in the heart of Saigon
Every day living in an apartment like experiencing the top-notch services of the 5-star resort, living peacefully, freshly with the green and full of technology, everywhere ... All create charisma with every successful family at Sunshine Diamond River.
Mua nhà thời công nghệ 4.0: Cơ hội trở thành “công dân điện tử” không còn xa
Trong thời buổi công nghệ 4.0 bùng nổ, những người mua nhà ngoài hưởng thụ “căn hộ smarthome” còn có thể “order” mọi dịch vụ từ xa cũng như thanh toán mọi khoản chi trả thông qua ví điện tử.