Sunshine Diamond River

Sunshine Group
Sunshine Homes impressed at the Realty Korea Expo 2019
At the recent Realty Korea Expo 2019, Sunshine Group with high-class real estate products has impressed many international visitors as well as received great attention from Korea investors.
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Satisfying view of Sunshine Diamond River Opening Ceremony
The opening ceremony of Sunshine Diamond River project in Saigon became one night of art sublimation with top performance full of emotion, which creates an unforgettable experience for the guests about “a desire place for coming back” – a high-class “4.0 resort”.
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Modern architecture and the story of “Diamond” on the Saigon Riverside
Each building itself is a story and a message that architects want to convey to the community. In Sunshine Diamond River, the modern architectural language has contributed to an emotional story about the gorgeous "diamond" shining on the Saigon riverside.
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Sunshine Diamond River won the prestigious double award at Property Vietnam Awards 2019
The resounding victory at Property Vietnam Awards 2019 with 2 prestigious awards: Vietnam’s most breakthrough green building project and the Most Favorite Project in 2019, Sunshine Diamond River was a strong affirmation of the pioneering position for the passionate smart resort living trend comes from Sunshine Homes - the real estate development brand of Sunshine Group.
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The future appearance of the two sides of Saigon river seen from a series of billion-dollar projects
Along the 2 sides of Saigon River is a series of big projects with investment capital of billions of USD, including projects that are expected to be symbols of the City in the future.
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Infrastructure leverage creates a push for the real estate market in the South of HCM City to surpass the East
With the recently planned sea-oriented strategy, Ho Chi Minh City is devoting a relatively large financial resource to the South to invest in connected transport infrastructure.
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Sunshine Diamond River – a smart move for a thousand miles in resort field development
Smart home or smart city is no longer an unfamiliar concept for Vietnamese people, especially while digital technology is booming globally. However, the definition of "resort 4.0" is quite new and causes the curiosity and anticipation for the Saigon real estate market when a new luxury project is about to come out in this high-class style..
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Sunshine Group won 5 awards at Dot Property VietNam Awards 2019
On July 25, at the Dot Property VietNam Awards 2019 award ceremony, surpassing many big names in the field of real estate, Sunshine Group was honored in the top five most important prize categories.
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Sunshine Diamond River – New prosperous symbol in the center of Saigon
Towards the peace in every moment, Sunshine Diamond River - a residential resort complex built in Resort 4.0 style, is about to appear for the first time in Vietnam.
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Enjoy the resort lifestyle at your home in the heart of Saigon
Every day living in an apartment like experiencing the top-notch services of the 5-star resort, living peacefully, freshly with the green and full of technology, everywhere ... All create charisma with every successful family at Sunshine Diamond River.