Sunshine City

Surprise on real estate market: It is still strong liquidated even though the high price of project
Real estate market is in short supply, new apartment projects opened for sale all set new prices. It is worth noting that, despite the high price, the liquidity of many projects is still increasing leading the competition to buy a real estate.
Real Estate
Where the roads were inaugurated, the price of houses rose up, investors got big profits
Infrastructure leverage has created a strong resilience for real estate in the West of West Lake in general and Ciputra Hanoi in particular. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand why the price of luxury apartments here has increased significantly within the past 1 year.
Resort & Residence
Nha Trang real estate is still waiting for an iconic building
Picturesque landscapes, world-class utilities and services, potential development is not inferior to any destination in the region ... However, is Nha Trang still waiting for an important push to reach out the world?