Sunshine Center

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Sunshine Center – high-class from Smart Home to Smart Living
Over usual standard of smart apartments, Sunshine Center elevates and extends the concept of Smart Home into a classy Smart Living ecosystem. The project satisfies the strict criteria of the elite with a different product which is royal styled but extremely fashionable with the most intelligent applications from the 4.0 technology revolution.
Real Estate
Sunshine Center – “limited edition” of the most comfortable life in Hanoi
Inspired by the design of the golden apartments of Trump Tower - a symbol of economic potential as well as the prosperity of the people of New York (USA) - Sunshine Center converges different values and top-notch utility systems, integrates 4.0 technology... becomes a "limited edition " of the most comfortable life in Hanoi and at the same time contains the high liquidity value that any investor wants to target.
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Sunshine Homes changes Hanoi City’s appearance with the outstanding new looks thanks to the Lighting Technology
The high-class projects, architectural and art works with meticulous investment in Sunshine Homes' light technology have been contributing significantly to the changes of the appearance of the Capital City, enhancing the culture, prosperity and civilization of the modern Hanoi.
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Luxury apartments in Sunshine Center
After many days of expectation, they were overwhelmed by the sophisticated and modern architecture of Sunshine Center, especially high-class luxury apartments with luxurious and expensive furniture.
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Hanoi welcomes investors to return to the capital real estate market
In the context of many investors trying the provincial market, the official operation of Sunshine Center has contributed to a “reversal” for the real estate market of Capital.
Real Estate
Sunshine Center – urban apartment satisfying the thirst for “luxury stay – comfort life”
Satisfying the demand for high-class accommodation at central area with traffic convenience, spacious apartment area, and technology 4.0 all over the place together with with green spaces from exquisite hanging garden designs, etc. Sunshine Center is typical representative for urban apartments for upper-class with the aspiration of “luxury stay - comfort life”.